Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Music Choice

well recently I have a lot of time to just relax and unwind and with this time i have "discovered" a band and it's called the muse and although it's not like jack johnson or the beatles i have found that their music is pretty awesome (mostly because of the gitare hero 3 were there song called knights of cydonia) just so you know that

this was on my mind.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Today in life of Matt

well today was a bad day to start off with, first I woke up late to get to a band rehersal which started at 6:00 am but i woke up at 6:10 which wasn't good and then I don't really like to drive a car so i rode my bike to school, in single degree weather, but you all know i like to layer up so that wasn't a real problem. next i relized that we were having a sub-for-santa assembly so i got ready for that, in which i got to beat spencer, the human pinyata, with a woffle bat and i got candy. but before that i had to first help suspend him from the floor and fill him full of candy. this just didn't happen once but twice. so i beat him throughly but not as bad as the people before me. well school resumed and as soon as it was out i finally got to go home for the first time since my 8th grade year. then returning home i was able to just relax and start to blog which is where i am right now

if any of those that are intersted to i am playing church ball on the 17 of january at 8 o'clock at the church by the round-a-bout

your friendly uncle