Wednesday, August 29, 2007


well this is a story about a little boy who had a little crush on a pretty girl

on a wonderfully partly cloudy night with a fantastic sunset and a blazing hot street this little boy went to work at the ol' Day's Market. On such a wonderful night he decided that he wasn't going to be scared and gather all of his bravery and ask this pretty girl to the local dance, but he didn't know how (well he knew how he was just not sure how it was going to work out). while he was working he went about his job doing things that a good little boy should. When he finaly was done enough in the store on his list of things to do like a little elf boy should the next big task was to take down the letters from the marque and sort them away for tomarrows use.
Well seeing how he was the only one who was going to do this this little boy went up on this very tall and scary ladder and started taking down the letters one at a time and sorting them correctly and finally when the maque was cleared he went up that ladder and started putting up a message for this pretty girl for which he had a little crush on and when he was completed he relized that he had no way to make sure that she would see this message for her so getting very nervous and getting the sweaty hands flowing he finaly cooked up a plan to make sure that she whould see this message with a series of phone calls he was able to contact a important informate in which this pretty little girl would see this message esspecially for her.
As he continued with his work he keep looking at the door to see if she would come in and did so for the next 2 hours waiting while working until she finally arrived and this little boy was so happy and the pretty girl looked happy to and now it's 3 weeks until the big dance.( and the little boy has to march in the BYU homecoming parade so that will be interesting.)

i hope you liked this story about this little boy come back another time for another installement of the little boy

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fall Band Pt.2

well today conclueds the Band Camp adventure and is this is only the half way point in hours to finishing the season but the sad thing is that i have to go to school on monday which i am not excited for so that's my blog thanks for reading

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fall Band

these last few days have been extremely lllllooong with waking up at about 7 am to get to band by 8 am only to be out on the humid lawn of edgemont's softball field for about 7 hours and that doesn't include a 1 hour lunch break
So this last day I woke up at the same time to go to band but this is a small ensemble wasn't part of the marching band and we played at the moving Vietnam Wall (which is located at pioneer park in Provo on 5th West and 5th North and is open 24 hours from today until Mon the 6th until noon then it will be moving somewhere else i will be playing on Mon from 9:30 until noon so come some time to see the wall) and after the ceremony i got an hour break for lunch before fall band started a 1 pm to 9pm so i was with my music director for about 13 hours of straight band. Man that was Fun.
so that's been my life tell me about your in my comment box

lost items

hey i've been thinking and i have lost a lot of objects that maybe you could help find for me

1: a note book that's red and is about as thick as a 200 page novel

2: a Black Glove with U.S. General on the top of the hand

well those are the main items so if you could help me out a bit that would be appericiated