Monday, March 30, 2009

March comes in like a lion and... out like a lion?

So like Robyn has blogged about multiple times already it seems that once a week we have a nice good day and then the next day it seems to dump snow on everyone. Well last night was no exception, as Thad, Harrison, and I left for Logan last night at about 8:30 the sky didn't look to dark and dreadful.

So we headed out, and as we went our way up I noticed that there seemed to be some snow falling at about the capitol in salt lake. Once we were there we hit just a little bit of snow, and then continued on and then we got hit again about Kaysville or Ogden, which conditions turned into just about white out, and with these conditions we also saw a more then a few slide offs, which then sent me into an almost state of panic.

Then the snow started to clear up a bit more and then we decided to go up through sardine canyon... that might have been a big mistake. so we started up the canyon we saw a sign that said 4 wheel drive or chains required, now for us we were in a two wheel drive vehicle with no chains... so what do we do we head up anyways.

The first part wasn't to bad but as soon as we hit mantua again we were hit with white out conditions, and this continued for the entire length of the canyon. It was so bad we could only tell where we were supposed to be only because of the road markers on the side...(nowI know why there there) so this continued I would say for about a half hour until we came out of the canyon when low and behold no snow.... GRRRR.... well the moral of the story is: when it snows, stay indoors.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Texas update

well for the last couple of days i have had the privalage to stay at jan and ben's house and they have allowed me to take a couple of pictures with these kids and the adventures we have had over the last couple of days. so here are some of the photos.

clark screaming for joy

Bath Time

A good spit up

a happy dwarf

Reading as a family

clark drunk after a long car ride and ben doing a great job with clark's drunken stories

Eva Sleeping during shopping

Clark wants to be a grown up too.

But he doesn't understand the concept of knocking first

One of the many tantrums he has thrown while i've been here

these have just been a few of the adventures that we have had here and there will be many more to come.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

first date of my college career

so while I wasn't able to come down to dad's birthday party instead I went on a date, and I think that dad would have approved. So i think I'll clarify what actually happened seeing how Thad may have messed up some details.

so first of all it was a blind date with a girl named Maddie, and it was set up by a friend Courtney who is in two of my classes, it was not set up by Richard Wilson. So to start we went to firehouse which is kind of like going to pier 49 but it's more of a restaurant. here we had a delicious meal were i was happy and full, after this we then went to skating rink, (Note there were three couples) so we skated for probably about a hour and half to about two hours. after that we then decided to go and watch a movie and eat ice cream. and the movie which we watched was big fish, and that was the date that i went on. nothing much but it was still fun to meet new people.