Thursday, January 29, 2009


so last week the stake took everyone who wanted to come and go snowboarding up at beaver mt. not only that but they also reduced the prices from somewhere around $60 down to about $30 so being as frugal as possible I took this opportunity to try snowboarding for the first time in my life.

so to stay warm in those frigid conditions i wore 5 layers on my legs i had underwear, compression shorts, athletic shorts, thermals, and then some water resistant pants. now on the upper body i had on thermals, T-shirt, long sleeved shirt, a hoodie, and my winter coat.
basically looking like this poor kid from a Christmas story. so when we finally got 0ur boards thad, harrison, me and bret. when then treaked up a hill to learn how to snowboard. The only ones with experince were bret and harrison and so when they were ready they took off and hit the slopes. good thing for us is the fact that a friend amanda who knows how to snowboard helped both me and thad till we got steady on the boards and then we decided to go up the mountian to figure it out without having to climb up the hill anymore.

at the top me, thad, and amanda then straped on our boards and went down without much fuss, well i did thad had a bit more difficulty then me so this continued for about another 3 hours in which i was able to stand up on the board for the entire run down the mountian, which only took about 30 seconds to get down. other than that i would call the trip a huge success. thad also got a lot better and was able to go down the entire mountian without fall to many times.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Strange Dream

So on Monday I woke up thinking that Dad came up to Logan because some one in our house had dialed 911 and was worried that something was wrong at BKE so as he came in he started yelling through out the house to see if everything was alright. To get this in perspective the time in the morning was roughly 6am meaning dad would have had to leave provo at 4 am to get up to Logan. So with that in place, I then "yelled" just to let him know that i was alright. so as i turned over to see him at the door i saw my coat which looks like Dad's. So disorented I then got up to make sure that dad hadn't gone crazy, and to see what the problem is, he sayed that someone had called 911 and that we needed to leave and also we were late for Anna's birthday. At that time i realized that he wasn't there and that nothing was the problem so i went back to sleep.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Christmas Review

most of pre-christmas and post-christmas was sitting around the house and other very active activities, mostly while everyone else was at work or getting chemo treatments. well that all changed when dad was almost back to normal, when his perscription was cut down to two pills and no IV. So what did we do when dad was back to normal that's right we started remodeling.

me in my work suit not to get any insulation in me

My work space

one of the lights we installed

what the ceiling looks like now.

also while doing various fun activities i help jethro with the snow gecko for better pictures look at jethro's family blog