Monday, December 15, 2008

Finals are over

so this post is just going to recap what has happened the week before, and during finals week

so the last week of school I went to my classes when I realized that I wouldn't have to go to any of these classes ever again, hopefully. so my first class of the week was a computer class where I learned about how to use 2007 Microsoft office. when I arrived at the class I sat down and waited for the teacher to show up, the minutes then started to pass, and then class was done and he hadn't shown up to teach us so, then went to my next class. the next class was English with my hippie surfing teacher. this day I had the opportunity to give an presentation to the class, I didn't think I did to well but I got about an 88% on the presentation so I was pleased with that. after this sort of stressful situation I then went to my Math 1050 class which ends up being the same as college algebra in high school which I had already taken just like my English class. well anyways we got back a test that we had taken on the last chapters which we had covered earlier. I got about 80% which I thought I shouldn't get but I did do some things wrong so I guess I do deserve that. after that my day was done at 1:30pm so on to home

Tuesday was just Institute and Frisbee.

Wednesday was just about the same as Monday except for the part where I learned that my computer class was over because we took the last test on the day before thanksgiving break so it was good that I didn't have to worry about having a final in that class. so off I went to English were I listened to more presentations and I learned that I didn't have to take a final in that class either this made me happy. and then to math class were we got another practice test for the final so I finished that when I got home the same time as Monday.

Thursday was Institute Math and Frisbee. this day I found out that there wasn't a final in Frisbee so that great that I didn't have to worry about that. so that narrowed down the finals to just Math and the time for the final was 7:30am on a Thursday.

Friday was just the same as Wednesday.

so now finals week started and that left me to do practice tests until Thursday. This sounds like a great thing because then I could push off studying till weds. for those that know me I get nervous very often and it lasts for a long time. As the days came closer the harder for me to stay asleep at night and often I would wake up in a panic wondering if I was going to be late for my test and then I would then not be able to pass the class. So on Thursday I woke up at 6 then got ready, and waited for about a half an hour until I could get a ride up to campus and then I could wait for another half hour till the test was given out.

As soon as the test was given out thoughts of old high school test came flooding back, I then realized that this probably wouldn't be to hard and that I would be fine. Two hours passed and then I was done with the test, I went over my questions again and then turned in my test. From that point I was free and nothing could stop me now. That's when I realized that my break had begun and I was so happy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hanging out with Thad

So today like most in Logan start out the same with me waking up at about 8 am, eating breakfast and then driving Thad to school and dropping him off at the engineering building and then i park the car. then going to school.
After school i walked home mostly because i didn't want to ride the bus with a whole bunch of middle school students that always seem to be swearing up a storm. Well anyways when i arrived home Thad then came in looking quite dismayed, his problem was that he couldn't figure out a problem for one of his fluid dynamics class or something like that. After having a delicious frozen pizza we then headed to his job where he could use the computers to help him with this problem. now the cool thing is that i was able to go inside this very secret building and i found out where he works and what office. After a half an hour or so we then went to a elders quorum activity where we went rock climbing. I love this activity and the last time i went probably was when last December or some time around then, so my first climb i realized that i was not in shape like i used to be. A crazy thing happened while we were there my math teacher came in and started to climb, now he is one of my teachers who is a hippie with a nasty neck beard and a ponytail. After a long climbing session of about a hour and a half our hands became cramped and my forearms are on fire. we came back to Thad's work where i am now completing this blog, also Thad hasn't been able to write a blog lately because his homework is keeping it from him.

well that's what's been going on up here, we will see you soon for thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

7 things... i guess

7 Things I can do:

1. Play Frisbee like no tomorrow
2. Play Basketball
3. Live off very little liquid
4. Clean my room... sometimes
5. Make a fool of myself
6. Sleep like a rock
7. Rock Guitar Hero

7 Things I cannot do:

1. Spend more than a few dollars a day
2. Decide on a major
3. Lie very well
4. Find a job before Christmas
5. Perform surgery on myself or anyone else
6. Live with out music
7. Play the piano with both hands

7 Things I love about my mom:

1. She make the most delicious food
2. She's always caring about me
3. That she makes me delicious food anytime I visit.
4. When she falls asleep and then wakes herself up from snoring
5. How she always makes treats for other people in the neighborhood
6. When she makes cinnamon rolls
7. She knows who I am

7 Things I say too often:

1. Crap
2. Dang It
3. Haaaa
4. What?
5. Huh?
6. Mert
7. See ya

7 Favorite foods:

1. Burgers
2. Cereal
3. Apple Pie
4. Peach Pie
5. Mac and Cheese
6. Pizza
7. Milk

7 Countries I want to visit:

1. New Zealand
2. Australia
3. Austria
4. Germany
5. Figi
6. Alaska ( i know it's not a country but i would still like to see it)
7. Norway/Sweden

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Strange Nosies

so lately i have been stretching and strange pops come from random places from me. so i'm wondering if that's a bad sign or something, one of the places that i do pop that people are sickened by is popping my "sternum" but apparently i can't, but it still makes a noise,
so i'm wondering is that normal or is it going to fade.


Friday, November 7, 2008

With Winter Coming

so with winter coming i have changed a little bit on how i dress, first of all i started to wear gym shorts underneath my jeans to keep me warm. as well as wearing a hoodie as much as possible, also a hat. apparently it's going to get colder up here so i don't what to do then. unlike most of the people that i know it hasn't snowed up here to were there has been snow sticking to the ground.

so with this getting colder my Frisbee teacher has moved the class indoors into a gym. this being so i brought my basketball shoes that i have had for the last few years, and yes they still fit to be specific it's been about 5 years. so anyways we started playing and now i realized that my feet started to get really hot, now i have played with dad and his group of teachers last year for about 2 to 3 months and this sensation wasn't anything new. so after subbing out of the game i decided to look at my foot because it didn't seem right so unlacing my shoe i removed my foot and looked at my foot and low and behold my sock was completely soaked in sweat and near my pinkie toe there was a red circle, so discover what had caused this i rolled my sock down and found out that my pinkie toe had rubbed itself in the shoe so much that it was now bleeding. now to calm peoples fears that I'm injuring myself. first the "injury" wasn't bleeding when i removed the sock, second the "injury" is about the size of a button's hole. so seeing this i then continued to play after putting everything back on.

Arriving at the house i looked at it again and changed my socks and decided not to put a band-aid on it hoping that it would heal before class in two days, we i went to class not worrying to much about it and instead of wearing my basketball shoes i just took my running/everything else shoe and started playing. at the end of class i then went to the locker room to investigate on if it was healed. much to my surprise it didn't and to remind me of this i had a larger red spot on my sock so after putting them back on i went to the weight room to work out for about an hour. then i went home and then decided to put a band aid on it with some ointment on it just in case i got some bacteria from this adventure.

well as for me everything up here is just great and i say everyone should come up for some time and we will party.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween and Costums

so seeing how it's almost Halloween and i haven't told anyone down in provo what i'm going to be. let me start about two weeks ago "coach" a former BKE resident say me on campus and said "hey unabomber" in which i laughed. now this was propted by me wearing a dark hoodie, a beenie, and my aviator glasses and i hadn't shaved in a week or so. now i have never seen the unabomber or heard about his bombings or anything so i didn't know that i was dressed like him and later that day coach came by the house and then showed me a picture of him

low and behold i do look like the unabomber, now to calm my moms fears i am not making any bombs to send to professors and my name isn't theodore kaczynski, he's quite an interesting character and really smart.
when i walk down the pathways to my classes it's funny to look at those who are looking at me and then look away after they've been stareing for a couple of seconds.
so that's what i'm going to be for halloween mainly because i don't have to dress any differently then i normaly do. i'll post some pictures later.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

only for jan

i am only doing this because jan says i don't post enough and if someone does this to me i promise i won't do it or any other forward type of thing.

3 Names you go by:
  • Thadmatt
  • Mattus
  • Mert only in Mert language

3 Restaurants I love

  • Burger Supreme
  • Arctic Circle
  • Del Taco (so cheap for so much.)

3 Trips to plan on this year

  • Home
  • Umm.... Home
  • and Home

3 Things I want badly

  • restful sleep
  • some new shoes and pants.( hint hint mom umm.. i mean santa)
  • Some Good Grades

3 pets I've had

  • Goldfish
  • Rabbits
  • Chickens

3 Things I did yesterday

  • Went to the store.
  • Carved pumpkins
  • did my laundry. yes i can do my laundry

3 Things I ate today

  • Toaster Strudels
  • Honey Bunches of Oats
  • Milk

3 Fears

  • being left behind
  • Not having enough money or a job.
  • getting kicked out of college

3 Things I plan on doing today

  • Play Frisbee, for Frisbee class
  • Making some food.
  • Starting to write a paper.

3 Things I plan on doing tomorrow

  • Drive thad to school tomorrow.
  • Finish a paper on mini wheats.
  • doing homework... maybe.

3 Favorite Holidays

  • Christmas Eve
  • Thanksgiving
  • Saint Patrick's Day

3 Favorite beverages

  • Milk
  • Water
  • Sugary liquids

3 People I tag

  • i refuse
  • to tag
  • anyone (except dad)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

College Creations

so today i being a college student and usually wanting to try something new i combined two ingredients to hopefully make something delicious

they are Ramen

and Chili

in my mind i thought that this would be a great idea with the chili sticking to the noodle like it would a piece of bread. now to make this i used the same pot, first i "cooked" the ramen and then draining the extra water away i then put the noodles into a bowl after that was done i then put the can of chili in the pan and heated it up. so after making both i combine them together to see the results...
and they are as follows
slimy, spicy, and disgusting. so i would not recommend combining the two the chili does not stick to the noodles and the chili just falls to the bottom where it waits for the eater to finish the noodles until they get to the bottom where the chili is. upon pouring the chili on top the seasoning stuck to the noodles making them taste a little off. well anyways i would not recommend it to anyone.

so that's it for me and if you doubt me go ahead and try it yourself and come up with your own conclusion


Tuesday, September 30, 2008


well seeing as how it's been about month since my last post I'll try to put up something interesting since then. ummm... what has happened.

well last Sunday i was finally ordained an elder after being 18 for 6 plus months. so that was cool.

umm.. i have been keeping up in my classes which include
math 1050 or also known as college algebra trig which i already took in high school
English 1010 or known as CP english which again i took in high school.
OSS 1400 or computer tech which i took again in high school
intermediate Frisbee which i'm surprisingly not the best one in that class
Connections which is already finished so that's done
Concert band which i really haven't signed up for nor will i sign up for in the future

so that's about it for me

CrZay UnClE Matt

Friday, September 5, 2008

Weird Dream

so today or rather this morning i had one of the weirdest dreams i could have ever had, now i don't know anything about symbolism about this dream but here it goes.

it started out just like a normal day in provo, everything was fine it was a nice cool autumn morning when i heard the news that grampa spencer just had to go into the hospital for some unknown reason to. now with this it brought back a lot of memories of the day that he went in to the hospital for the last time. so i continued on my dream not saying anything to anyone just to see if it was that day, and unfortunately it was that same day. now this lead me to a big problem in my mind. should i tell everyone what will happen or should i let it play out just like it did in real life. so the day continues we end up in the hospital and everyone is debating on how things should be done. for some strange reason dad asks me what we should do and at that point i tell him what's going to happen and then for some strange reason everyone looks at me, like i'm some voodoo doctor. and so i tell them the bleak news of what's going to happen and they could either continue just like it happened in real life or we could pull the plug then and save time and maybe save someone else.

at about that time i hear the door shut outside my room and i look out the window to see Thad leave for school.

now that was just a really weird dream for me.
anyone else want share theirs


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

moving out

well this post is about my fears about moving out. well not about my fears but the unexpectedness that i worry about. and here is a little list about it

1. what should i take
2. when should i start packing
3. how much should i leave behind
4. why am i feeling so nervous
5. how do get my money up there
6. who am i going to meet up there
7. will they care who i am.

these are just a few of the questions i have if you have any suggestions feel free to comment


Sunday, July 13, 2008

why i hate the fourth of july

well now that i have your attention i'll tell you of some very small but very annoying reasons why this 4th of july was the worst i have ever had.

let me start this series of events at the beginning of the week. so monday I went to visit my band buddy's just before there big four of july parade on friday. so that day mainly consisted of me just hanging out and relaxing before i had to go to work on the next day. tuesday started and i had to go to work from 7am to noon which wasn't all that bad and it was another relaxed day of hanging out with friends. now it's weds and again i don't have to work so i sleep in as much as possible and just hang out until I go to a movie party. and i meet my fatty (aka spencer hatfield) who was in europe for a month and a half leaving me with nothing to do.

so thursday the third comes around, the busiest time for the grocers and i have to work from 7am to 5pm which is the longest shift. now this day the freight was supposed to have come in that morning but it didn't so the owners make a few calls and the freight was now coming in at 10pm that night so. and me being so dumb i make it known that i want to help with the freight. so i get off at 5 go home and eat dinner and then go to party until i have to go back to work at 10pm. now that it's 10 i start to work freight and I never had done grocery freight before so i was a newbe at it so anyways. the store closes at 11pm and were still unloading palets to put on the right aisle. so we keep on working and were putting out a lot of things so it continues like this for the rest of the night. now I get hot really easily so at about midnight i take off my shirt and continue to work,( working makes me hot). as we continue at about 2 i am still really hot so the next logical thing is to take off my shoes and i continue to work now there were 5 of us freight guys doing this so it was going to take time to stock the entire store. well we finish between 3 to 3:30am. after this we take a victory celebration at dennys and eat a milkshake and i'm in bed by 4am.
now friday starts with dad yelling at me to get up for work and then mom comes in to shake me to get up. now the time they started this was at 6:45AM so i got a total of about 3 hours of sleep before i had to go back to work. so friday was the dairy's milk freight day, where we get all the milk for the next 2 days. so we started that day doing that but the 7 am checker didn't show up to work so i had the opertunity to get off my feet for a while.
now this day is the fourth of july. most people who shop today are picking up the things they missed from the day earlier, mainly buns and chips. the morning was pretty relaxed until the parade stoped, then all hell broke loose. i was in the front of the store bagging for people for a good 6 hours out of my 9 hour shift. (my shift was again the 7 to 5 shift) now this day we were well understaffed makeing it really difficult for me and everyone else to do anything. now in this state of insanity i kinda made up my mind that i was not going to take my hour break and just work for the ten hours total. but i did and i took a nap upstairs on the very nice soft carpet. no joke it was like laying on a foam matrees. so i came home and then went straight to bed only to be woken up again by the parents for some festivities with the family for which i was gald for.

now it's saturday and i am still exhausted from the previous days but i go to work and i help with the frozen freight and this day was increadably slow because i'm pretty sure that everyone in the valley had a hang over from the previous nights festivities. so i was able to just kinda organize the back. and able to do what i wanted. now again i was schedlued to work 7 to 5 but i got the last two hours off so that i could go and see cousin laurie after she came back from italy. for which i am impressed on what she was able to do. so after that i came home and crashed again and slept for a amazing 12 hours.

so that is my reason why i hated this years festivities.

mainly because i wasn't able to spend much time with my family and friends.

your craziest uncle matt

Monday, June 16, 2008

Room Cleaning

this is just a short little post
since graduating I decided to clean my room and get rid of all the things I was saving on to just in case I might need it later, and much to my suprise to me and my parents I was able to get rid of about 3 garbage bags worth of junk. so now it will stay clean for about 2 and a half weeks.

man, it feels good to get rid of all that stuff.


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Graduation haiku

graduation was
short and unreal it still
dosen't feel over


Sunday, May 25, 2008

As a School Year Wraps Up....

first let me start this epic blog in the middle of april...

In the middle of april when i was a much younger person then i am now i got on to a plane that's desitnation was much farther then it's departure. but the story of this plane ride is not important, but the place where i ended up is the large and more important. this place that i ended up, was and is still called the nations capital. this part of story is about how the band went and performed at many a memorials and for a many people in this great city. on this great adventure we spent a total amount of 5 1/2 days in this city where we performed at nearly a dozen places and a total (including the parade) of nearly 12 million or so people. (and if you want me to go into larger detail if you would please talk to me, that would be great)

so as those days ended on that great saga a new one began... the quest to graduate.

but along the way to this great cause i was taken to other important tasks along the way, which included JR. Prom, Senior Ball, State Band and Choir and running track for timpview. along with working at Day's Market. so as you can see doing all of this in a period of one month can be a bit hecktic not only for me but also my parents.

Now lets start from the top JR. Prom

was a very hecktic day starting out, i decided to take a girl who wouldn't have gotten asked. but unfortunatly i had to ask 3 different girls before i could get a yes. now back to the actual day i had to wake up early to go to work at 7am and i conitued to work till 5pm where i then came home and took a shower and got ready for the date to come. unfortuanlly for me i was not able to take my date on a "day date" but i was able to get her to dinner with the rest of my group. after the dinner we then went ot the dance and danced the night away and finally getting her back home by 12:30 am so that was JR. Prom.

2nd Senior ball

this day was a friday the 2nd of may which seems like an eternty from now.

the moring i went to school to pick up my date and we came to my house for brunch and where we had waffles and fruit to our hearts content. after that we went up the canyon where were going to have lunch after playing in the park. but unfortunally for me and my date we had to leave to go to state band that afternoon. after that we went our ways so she and i could get ready. after picking her up and leaving for the dance we went to her mothers work so she could get a picture of us togther. Note: the time to get up to the dance for dinner was 7p.m. and at this time it was 6:50 and we were at roughly 2000N. and highway 89 in orem. and we arrived at sundance where this was being held at 7:06 on arriving we had discovered that the parking lot was full and the closest parking spot was up a hill and very muddy. well on arrival we had dinner which was well worth the 80 bucks that it cost me and my date. continued later with dancing till the wee hours in the morning, i later had to pick up my dates mom because she accidentally locked her keys in the car so i had to take her back home and bring her back. so she could go home. anyways i took my date home at the plesant hour of 1:30am that is the conculsion of that party.

Part 3

state band and state choir

as you have heard or read before state band was the same weekend as senior ball. in which we recieved superior rating ( the highest rating possible)

and for State Choir which was being held at our school of timpview. and also having the conflict of having my work scheduling me for the same time as this was being held. well we again got straight superiors and after that having to rush home to change and get to work an hour earlier. ( sometimes i wish i had clone of myself, but then again no.)

and finally

Running for our track team in which all of the track meets where held during a rain/snow/really cold days. except the final region track meet where i ran in the 400m "sprint" and the 200M along with doing the long jump. also on this day i had to sing in the choir concert. later that night in which i didn't have the opportuntiy of going home to change in to my tux. but i not being fast enough i wouldn't go to state and run so the final meet i went to was the last chance meet where i was able to run or participate in a total of 9 different events.


inbetween all of this i was working at days mostly at night

thanks for reading


pss. i can't Spell very well along with my grammer

Monday, February 4, 2008


I Have Come To The Conclusion That Being Sick Is Not All It Cracked Up To Be

First : Your whole body aches.
Second : You still have all the work from the past days to make up.
Third : When you fall asleep at 9pm and then wake up at 1am for no apperante reason and you can't fall back asleep till 3am after taking a myrid of pills.
Forth : sweating to death while shivering.
Fifth : The almost complete lack of human interaction.
Sixth : Once again the body aches
Seventh : Being Constapaded ( i have come the understand why lincon and clark both didn't like being constapaded either.)

These are just a few of my complaints about being sick

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


this Blog may contain :
Strange, Bizzare, and Random comments and is inaproiate to those that don't understand the mind of the author. We will now return to your regular scheduled program.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Music Choice

well recently I have a lot of time to just relax and unwind and with this time i have "discovered" a band and it's called the muse and although it's not like jack johnson or the beatles i have found that their music is pretty awesome (mostly because of the gitare hero 3 were there song called knights of cydonia) just so you know that

this was on my mind.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Today in life of Matt

well today was a bad day to start off with, first I woke up late to get to a band rehersal which started at 6:00 am but i woke up at 6:10 which wasn't good and then I don't really like to drive a car so i rode my bike to school, in single degree weather, but you all know i like to layer up so that wasn't a real problem. next i relized that we were having a sub-for-santa assembly so i got ready for that, in which i got to beat spencer, the human pinyata, with a woffle bat and i got candy. but before that i had to first help suspend him from the floor and fill him full of candy. this just didn't happen once but twice. so i beat him throughly but not as bad as the people before me. well school resumed and as soon as it was out i finally got to go home for the first time since my 8th grade year. then returning home i was able to just relax and start to blog which is where i am right now

if any of those that are intersted to i am playing church ball on the 17 of january at 8 o'clock at the church by the round-a-bout

your friendly uncle