Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello everybody guess what i figured out!!! that ringworm really doesn't have a worm but is actually a fungus, and that it's on my arm, thank goodness for anti fungal cream.

to describe how i feel right now is just way to hard to do... I'm just so happy and excited and glad to see how everything is starting to "fall" in to place. so the biggest news from me about myself is that I'm staying here in Ozark. so the total time will be about 7.5 months. AWESOME! what makes it so good is that everybody in the ward basically knows me and now feel more comfortable around me and hopefully won't be afraid of letting us talk to their friends about the gospel.  so cool story last night we had dinner at the Jones', and one of the sons brought over one of his friends which he had given a Book of Mormon to and who has been reading it. so before dinner we, me, Elder Lake, Bro. Jones, Sis. Jones, Daniel, and friend had an hour discussion on the gospel and what it is and all sorts of topics under the sun and we all got something out of it, and it was a great ending to a fast Sunday.

well anyways this last Sunday we were able to talk to the young women about missionary work, which I think they really did enjoy and were very happy to have us there to explain how to be a better missionary and also a better example of Jesus Christ to their friends and associates. and they wanted us to come back and teach them more about every month or so, that is neat.

This week we had the AP's come through after the Person conference, and told us that we are doing the right thing and that we are where we are supposed to be, which is a great relief from being spiritually punched in the gut, and not feeling so good about it. This has just been a really great time to serve. and the great thing is that it's finally cooling off from the 100's to the 90's to the 80's hopefully this week. That would be awesome!!! I almost forgot what it's like not to sweat when you walk outside.

So anyways this week has again been a blur and a drag, funny how that works, well we have a great opportunity to be trained on what we need to do to become a better missionary and to become a better citizen and son, father, etc. what it means to me is to bridge the gap between what i know (mind) to how i know (heart) to put it in a simpler terms is to get a testimony of truth that the Holy Ghost will testify of. so what do I know, I know that God loves me very much, that he wants me to come back to him a better person then when i left him, i know that families are supposed to be together for eternity, and that was revealed to Joseph Smith and also he was a prophet of God who translated the Book of Mormon which was written for our day. I'm excited to hear from the prophet of the lamb this week and that the Holy Ghost will testify of the truth and answer the prayers and questions that i have. I know that Christ paid the price for me to come back to heavenly father as long as I'm willing to keep the commandment and follow example in all that I do. I love my family and the church this I say in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.  

I love all you guys and can't wait to hear from the prophet.

Toni just have your baby already and I would like to know the name.

Ben keep up the good work as a dad

Mom I bet you are super excited about having Jan back home and to play with all the grand kids, give them a big hug from me.

Jan Just keep on keepin' on. you can do it!

Dad what's new in your life?

Thad Way to get a career started. your going to do amazing.

Beetle Run for the Roses! that will probably be repeated many times before your home.

Jethro you looked stylin' so did you Robyn more pictures please.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hot Dog Breath

Elder Lake is a Great companion who is really up to date with working and knows a lot about everything, it seems like he's been out almost as long as i've been out or at least that's the way I treat him. and that is how he responds

Remember the taste you have when you wake up in the morning i call it hot dog breath i don't know how i got it, because we don't have any hot dogs in the fridge and i don't think i eat during my sleep but you never know for sure. well anyways today has been a bad day for that and it's been with me this entire week. probably a little to much info.

So this week sound like it's been crazy for everyone and this next week sounds like another one too. and i'm so excited.

Just a little bit from this week is umm... we continue to push forward with missionary work and it seems that it is starting to show up. We have some really solid investigators and some that could become more and more availible to us as we continue to work. This last week we had a great time with a member in the ward getting ready for a southern luau which was pretty good fun and just a nice time to be with all the members of the neighborhood and it's definitely something like what i want to do when i'm back. Just a nice big block party.  Some other great parts of this week starting backwards. we had a great lesson/spiritual thought with a member after dinner. Don't worry mom i'm being fed plenty, so much so that i'll need to work some off. Me and you Ben. Sunday afternoon we took two of the priests out tracting and they did a really good job.  They don't seem to be too nervous about sharing a message or knocking on doors, something that just doesn't happen in Utah. Well anyway, Daniel Jones was able to give out a book of mormon with elder lake while i and Jordan Hughes continued down the street, and hopefully my goal will be complete of knocking on every single house in ozark before i'm gone. In church we had a great lesson with a W.O.C. student. and he seems to understand a lot of what we are saying and has a lot of good friends to help him in this little quest that he has undertaken.  We are so glad to be a part of it. so small miracle right here, all the class rooms in the building are full during the second hour so we, me and Elder Lake, are trying to find a place where we could teach Bro Crimmins, also the ward wants to start a temple prep class and that is being held in the library, well this week we found out that they are post-poning it till Oct 10 so that left one room open for us to use. and we have one more week until Crimmins graduates along with a lot of other people that are in his class. so it's all going to fall into place.

We have also had some great lessons with a kid named Cori Kelley who kind of reminds me of myself and wants to learn a lot more, we are just trying to meet up with him as often as we can because he could be a great in the church. 

umm... so what else happened this week. to be honest it's felt like a month since Elder Person came through and everyday just seems the same except for sunday.  but we have had some good split opportunities and chances to meet with the ward members. so all in all life is going good and crazy and i could fall asleep at the drop of a hat, still. and i'm guessing it doesn't get any better when i get back or married or have kids etc. etc.

well do great and stay strong and serve selflessly.

Toniben I can't wait to hear the name and the photos. She's going to be beautiful I already know it.

Janben what a grand adventure awaits both of you and i can't wait to hear about it.

Thad you're such a great brother. and i know that's a great calling for you. you should talk to Ben about presentations he has done a few.

Jethrobyn. i loved the photos and the great things your doing, robyn you know that your a great mom and by doing what you feel like you should will only make you better. jethro, i like the title but i'm not an artist so i can't give you really any ideas, and i haven't seen what your doing so i don't know either.

Dad that is such GREAT news and i'm glad your leaving the mattcave alone for now. your going to have such a fun time when jan comes back. also how are the chelaks doing, do they like timpview? what grades are they in?

Mom you sound like your going to be chest deep in work and such. and did you know that i love you and your an amazing mom, thank you for all that you've done.

to everyone else, feel free to write me either an email or letter i would appreciate it


79B Woodview Drive
Ozark Alabama 36360

until next week, when transfers comes out then i'll know for sure for another 6 weeks.

Love Elder Gillespie

Ben gains did you know a Elder Chamberlain?
Thad did you ever hear about Elder Barrington?
just a few people i've met.

old tractor looks familiar

another practical joke

a trailor addition. only in the south.
Elder Lake

a practical joke of about 355 Lbs

 Pants after a service project Deshingling

 Canker sore that i'm still getting over. 5+ weeks

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spirit PUNCH!

Hello everybody. well first off to tell you why i didn't write on Monday this week is because a Elder Person of the 70 visited the mission, which was amazing. but i'll get into that later. this week seeing as it started on Tuesday everything has been going really good and the crazy thing is that when people in the church come on splits with us missionaries it always ends up being a great time I just freak out about finding out what i need to do to get things rolling in the right direction. which doesn't help that i'm a bit of a hard head. so Wednesday night i think we had splits and the zone leaders came down for a trade off with us so, me stressing out about every little thing and how it's all going to work out. we split up and i go with brother Cook and see the Bess family and i had hoped for a short 40 min visit well that got a little longer, but at the same time Elder Lake and Elder Gates were waiting around at the church for the other person to come and split with them, when low and behold someone comes in that they don't know and he wants to learn more about the church.... coincidence? I think not! so i came back and they had told me all about what went down which was sweet, and the next night again freaking out about what to do with the high priests for splits when we called up brother Magonigal we went and saw sister Dailey and those two just started talking up a storm, something i didn't realize and from that point on i know that the ward members who have been here a while really do know about the other people in the ward a lot better than what i think i know. so all of that was definitely a greater insight than what i would have ever known.

so that leads us to Elder Person which we went to yesterday. We woke up yesterday at 3 am to get ready to leave Ozark at 4 am to get to Tallahassee by 7:30 am which it did so why so early? well Tallahassee is an hour ahead of where we are, and the dividing line is the Chattahoochee river. so in reality we left at 5 am Tallahassee time so the two and a half hour drive i fell asleep pretty quickly, and i know that i sleep with my mouth wide open. we got to tally town and went to get something to eat before we had our conference. so what is only not in Utah Waffle House. which was really good food. and very fast as well. so  we are at the conference and Elder Person wants all the leadership in the mission to talk to him about what we as a mission could work on. He took some notes and then we had a picture and then got ready for his presentation. It started out really good and then BAM the whole mission got chastised on how we could do better and to figure out what we need to do and find out who we are.  Then broke for lunch and then another BAM. he told us again all about what we need to do and how it's by finding out who we are that we can then change our destiny he said "when i got called into being a general authority president packer told us 'You are not You' which the if that's the first thing that an apostle says us it confused us if we are not us then who are we, and that was what he was trying to get across to us, we are no longer doctors, lawyers, teachers, CEO's. we are now disciples to Jesus Christ. so I'm no longer a CEO that has 4000 employees that has been called to be a 70 but I'm now a disciple that owns a company."  so what he told me is that while i might have been a goof in high school that is only something that i did but I'm now on His path of discipleship to become more like Him. so when i do get off the mission I'll be more like myself than i have ever been. so that happened for about 6 hours of just being blown out of the water, and when you thought that you were doing something alright BAM another sucker punch, afterward it felt like i had been spiritually beaten to a ball of mush and then shoved back into my body. but happy at the same instance Weird. Speaking of a small world we went to Miss "P" church where they talked about becoming a better disciple which was an interesting contrast to what we experienced the next day. miss P's was talking about putting away childish things and becoming a disciple while the Elder Person told us what you have to do to be a Better Disciple of Christ and what is required of us to do that. and if i only had a tape recorder to re listen to all that he said that would of been amazing but i did get some good notes. hopefully i remember it all.  so on the way home all of Ozark missionaries car pooled and we just talked all about what just happened and how it was a very interesting and humbling experience. which made me think I've got a long way to go before i want to go home and i really need to make a better effort on my part to get to where i need to be.  there is work to be done and not enough time to do it.

so some interesting pranks before the conference... umm... well my bed got saran wrapped and when ever Cox takes a shower we get a cup of cold water and dump it on him or a cup of flour. most of the pranks we do are impromptu so there really isn't much thinking about what we need to do we just do things that aren't going to really hurt anyone. also Cox's bed gets flipped over pretty frequently. etc. etc.

what else.... umm... life is good here things should start changing and life will go on no matter where I'm at. I love you guys all so much keep up the good work.

Roxanna Way to go on the mission call  your going to have such a good time in Guatemala i know your going to love it there

Jan keep up the good work and i can't believe that everything is going so fast your going home for so long it's going to be so cool for all the kids to be together to play with each other. make sure Thad stays out of trouble with Clark those two are going to be trouble makers for sure on your trip.

Beetle i had one of those parties to except mine was probably worse but still a good show.

Thad i like the beard and the new phone sounds awesome I've seen it off of a couple of members but haven't gotten to mess around with it at all but good phone and good idea

Toni i can't believe that there is going to be a new face when i get back I'm sure Anna and baby are going to be great friends.

Robyn sad news but keep up the good work i know you'll be fine and so will your family tell Jethro i missed a quote from Raising Arizona.

Dad take a sick day if you need it it'll be alright. make sure to drink plenty of orange juice and other fluids. remember Drowned a cold and feed a fever. i don't know though ask mom

Mom your amazing and yes i did get a bit lost with your email. but I'm glad your having a productive week. and i bet your excited about general conference. so am I

Love you all

Elder Gillespie

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It feels like football

Hello Everybody! How is everything back at home? Good. Well a little bit from this side of the Mississippi river. . .Well it's a weird feeling when you start out tracting and it just feels like a crisp october day when your ready to play football, and it's still in the 90's and 50% humitiy. So i think i might be wiggin' out a bit but only about a year left before my brain is completely fried. Well this week has been really good. It climaxed with Zone Conference where we can tell that President Jensen is really starting to get things going. He's seen where we as missionaries can improve and has shown us a lot of love and concern and what we try to accomplish. We try our best to do our part and the Lord will make up for the rest. During his time, President Jensen is building upon the foundation that President Summerhays laid, from the words of Elder Westcott, a member in the district. he's really smart and a great example to me of being a father. He and sister Westcott are the senior couple serving in Eufaula. So anyways things going on in the ward....

We are trying to get with a less active family to teach the youngest daughter who is eight and wants to get baptized but the mother wants her to go through the lessons before she makes that commitment. So it's our goal to get her ready before october. The funny thing is that when you try to do something good the people you want to teach just seem to disappear. But we'll find her soon and get her ready. umm... the sad part of serving in such a small area is that every one has heard what we have to say a couple of times already so tracting isn't as fun as i thought it would be and those you try to help lose interest pretty fast, especially when they don't do anything for commitments. so again the purpose to this missionary is finding, finding, finding.

We are also trying to get some of the members involved in missionary work, mostly the young men in respect to tracting and getting some time underneath their belt so they aren't completely confused when they get out to the field. Every time that we have them with us we get into at least one house, but they end up not being interested, which is a bummer. Well anyways the people in the south are very nice and usually courteous to us which is a plus. so we keep plugging away and keep on keepin' on. 

I'm so glad to be here right now i'm learning so much from being in the service of the Lord and so grateful for what he has done for me and i know that as i try to do my best that he's going to make up for my short comings and is going to inspire me with what i need to do to further his work. I love you all so much

Elder Gillespie

Roxanna keep me updated, and tell ryan that he's doing a great job and is going to do an amazing job. thanks for everything.

Janben your kids are growing up so fast I can't believe it. and way to get everything situated for your trip; do amazing things ok.

Jethrobyn try to get sophia to speak and say tallahassee that would be just an amazing flash back. Lincoln is starting to shy away from toy story?!? what is the world coming to! keep up the good work.

Toniben i didn't realize that baby sister is coming so quickly you'll have to decide pretty quick on a name so far the best i've heard is ABCDE (ah-bee-cee-dee) sounds like obesity. just a name maybe you are thinking about.

Thad HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! how often do i get to wish you a happy birthday on your birthday on a mission? well to answer that not very often.

Beetle agreed a good birthday present. and i think i've still got you beat. keep up the good work and i Know that you'll do amazing.

Dad A sauna? maybe a steam room? i don't know but that's amazing that you've got that in the garage you are just such a busy bee. and i think that by the time i do get back i really won't have any project to help you with at home just at the Logan house.

Mom your the best and Elder Christensen is doing very well and it's not a serious problem thank goodness.

I love you all so much

Elder Gillespie