Thursday, November 22, 2007

i'm confused

so this is the first time in about 3 months i've actually looked at my blog and others and for some reason people keep trying to tag me, now if it's a game of tag why can't we come together and play it as a family and friends instead of over the internet

also why do we have to refer to our blogs if someone asked you how your day was instead of just saying what happened.

if you have the answers please post

cRaZy uNCLE Matt

Saturday, November 17, 2007

the long a waited update

well everyone has been pestering me to make a new blog so here it is

these last two weeks my life has been devoted to the high school musical Bye Bye Birdy
and tonight is the last night of the show come if you want i personaly don't like it to much

two fridays ago i had one of those school dances in which a sophmore girl asked me and to put shortly it was fun.

from three months of marching band it is now finally over taking third over all in a compotition in vegas. the final product was very fine product and a good note to leave on.

that's about all if you have a question, i will be taking questions at thanksgiving break.

crazy uncle Matt

Saturday, October 6, 2007


well this is what most of you on this blogger circuit have been waiting for, as for what i'm going to say

well this date was very well planned out with prepairing for this the day of the date.
well lets start at the beginning which i suppose is a good place to start.
so friday night was the homecoming football game and of course the marching band played in it so when we get done with the football game it's already 10:30 to 11 o'clock at night so we watch the fireworks display and so on and so on, well after i go into the band room (aka. Second bedroom) and i relize that the byu homecoming parade is tomarrow and that we are performing in that at 7 am. so what do i do i go party till 12:30 and final go to bed, then wake up at 6:30 to get to the school on time to change and get ready for the performance (which i think i experianced Vertigo) so we finish the parade at about 10:30 and i have 2nd breakfast and while in line for this wonderful food i talk to all the people in my group to figure out what were going to do and just work out all the minor details so. by this time it 11 o' clock (notice i was at the school for about 20 hours out of the last 48 or so) so i get all the things ready for the date. and we pick them up at about 2 p.m. so our rendvous point was at the wilkins center parking lot. our group then got on scooters and rode around BYU campus till we got to the botonical garden and we set up a croquet course in which we played for ruffly 2 hours ( it was an intense game of crouqet in which i got second) so during this time the it started to rain and it didn't stop until we dropped off our dates (so that was interesting). and while our dates had two hours to get ready we setup for dinner in a patio which was overlooking the valley which looked really cool when the sun went down. so we had dinner and went to the dance and had pictures taken which was really nice. ( as soon as i can figure out a way to put them on the blog i will show everyone.) so yeah

that's about it please leave a comment if you feel inclined or just talk to me....... so... yeah

that's for reading

Matt Gillespie

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


well this is a story about a little boy who had a little crush on a pretty girl

on a wonderfully partly cloudy night with a fantastic sunset and a blazing hot street this little boy went to work at the ol' Day's Market. On such a wonderful night he decided that he wasn't going to be scared and gather all of his bravery and ask this pretty girl to the local dance, but he didn't know how (well he knew how he was just not sure how it was going to work out). while he was working he went about his job doing things that a good little boy should. When he finaly was done enough in the store on his list of things to do like a little elf boy should the next big task was to take down the letters from the marque and sort them away for tomarrows use.
Well seeing how he was the only one who was going to do this this little boy went up on this very tall and scary ladder and started taking down the letters one at a time and sorting them correctly and finally when the maque was cleared he went up that ladder and started putting up a message for this pretty girl for which he had a little crush on and when he was completed he relized that he had no way to make sure that she would see this message for her so getting very nervous and getting the sweaty hands flowing he finaly cooked up a plan to make sure that she whould see this message with a series of phone calls he was able to contact a important informate in which this pretty little girl would see this message esspecially for her.
As he continued with his work he keep looking at the door to see if she would come in and did so for the next 2 hours waiting while working until she finally arrived and this little boy was so happy and the pretty girl looked happy to and now it's 3 weeks until the big dance.( and the little boy has to march in the BYU homecoming parade so that will be interesting.)

i hope you liked this story about this little boy come back another time for another installement of the little boy

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fall Band Pt.2

well today conclueds the Band Camp adventure and is this is only the half way point in hours to finishing the season but the sad thing is that i have to go to school on monday which i am not excited for so that's my blog thanks for reading

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fall Band

these last few days have been extremely lllllooong with waking up at about 7 am to get to band by 8 am only to be out on the humid lawn of edgemont's softball field for about 7 hours and that doesn't include a 1 hour lunch break
So this last day I woke up at the same time to go to band but this is a small ensemble wasn't part of the marching band and we played at the moving Vietnam Wall (which is located at pioneer park in Provo on 5th West and 5th North and is open 24 hours from today until Mon the 6th until noon then it will be moving somewhere else i will be playing on Mon from 9:30 until noon so come some time to see the wall) and after the ceremony i got an hour break for lunch before fall band started a 1 pm to 9pm so i was with my music director for about 13 hours of straight band. Man that was Fun.
so that's been my life tell me about your in my comment box

lost items

hey i've been thinking and i have lost a lot of objects that maybe you could help find for me

1: a note book that's red and is about as thick as a 200 page novel

2: a Black Glove with U.S. General on the top of the hand

well those are the main items so if you could help me out a bit that would be appericiated

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gillespie Family

Friday August 17th
6 p.m.


Uncle Brian &
Aunt Trea’s

Come for Dinner,
Stay for Fun and Games,
And Enjoy Each Others’ Company.

For the Adventurous type Sleeping outside by the pond
with Breakfast in the Morning

Trea, Robert, Paul, Mary. Families Please Bring Salads For Dinner

Bus John and Jeff Families Bring Dessert

Monday, June 18, 2007

the journey to powell

well i will give you the down low play by play

Tues: Waking up at about 6:30 to get ready for band
7:15 going to band.
7:30 band starts
8:30 Leave band early to get to the durrans
9:00 arrive at durrans and wait till everyone arrives
10:00 Leave for powell
12:30 arrive at beaver
2:30 arrive at kanab
4:00 arrive at powell and load on the house boat
6:00 go out on the boat and learn how to wake board.
7:30 dinner and devotional
10:00 sleeping

5:30 wake up and go back to sleep
6:00 wake up and get on the boat to go bare foot skiing
7:30 breakfast and relaxation
12:00 prepare lunch
1:00 go cliff jumping
2:30 bogie board battles
3:00 swim behind the boat
7:00 dinner and devtional
10:00 sleeping

5:30 wake up and go back to sleep
6:00 wake up and get breakfest ready
12:00 relax and eat lunch
1:00 go cliff jumping
3:00 learn how to wake board
4:30 relax on the boat
7:00 dinner and devtional
8:00 watch troy
12:00 go to bed

7:00 wake up and eat breakfast
12:00 relax on the boat eat lunch
1:00 go and wake board
2:30 relax on the house boat
6:00 eat dinner
6:45 leave for home
blank spot

12:30 am start driving home from filmore
2:30 am arrive at home
blank spot
10:00 am start mowing lawn and getting back into the groove

that was the extent of my trip for details talk to me

Monday, June 4, 2007


well i guess i'll update what has been going on as of late

first school is "out" and i am in summer band right now and now being a senior is kind of weird to me but hey that's how things work i guess

second i am still working over at Day's and getting a "whole bunch of money" Rrright.

but i have been excepted with the eagle scouts to go to powell for about 4to 5 days which will be awesome and i will become a very brown boy by the time i get back

also the first parade for those that want to know it is this next saturday and it is located in the heart of orem.

well that's i can think of

so until next time i say
Good Knight

Sunday, April 29, 2007

What's going on?!?

Apperently i just started blogging so here it is
Matt Gillespie