Monday, December 27, 2010

Eggnog Tonic

Hello Everyone

so what is the biggest difference from being a missionary with Christmas, well let me just tell you, first a lot of people want you to feel at home so they like to invite you to their home where you can just enjoy a great conversation with them. the other thing is that they love for you to come over and have dinner with them. much like the thanksgiving season, where we had 6lbs. of food. this time i think i only had about half of that and people want to give us presents. which i have a hard time accepting. but I'll get over that.

so some stories that have happened since Christmas they are...

well today we help a lady in our complex move out, and the fun thing was that it was on the third floor, so i got used to climbing stairs. she's a nice lady, Victoria is her name, and she and another member are friends so she told her that we would help her with her move, so we were volentold. but we did it with a smile on our faces. another reason to put on jeans.  it took us about 4 hours which was really nice to have done, not a whole day thing.

umm.. the other really cool thing is that we me and elder Hibbert got our other companion Elder Hammond the same as John Hammond who went to high school with me and sat next to me during a capella he's a really cool guys who has gone through a lot but has learned a lot, he's so impressed with Tallahassee especially coming from Dothan, which is described as "a circle".

So other stories or news.... umm... i don't know if i already told you guys but we had a Christmas party with half of the mission and i was able to see a lot of old friends and i got to talk to a lot of them, they are all doing really well and happy to be where they are at which is really cool. and there were a lot of cool talents that were performed.

umm.... I'm kind of running out of ideas because of the fact that this last week i was so involved with wanting to get to talk to my family that everything else seems like a dream. oh i remember we as zone leaders were able to help those who were getting transferred ready for the day, which was a pretty cool experience. and i think that we have some of the coolest missionaries there are.

I love you guys and miss you a lot.
please feel free to write. by the way the address is
410 Victory Garden Drive apt 188 Tallahassee FL 32301
Elder Gillespie

Mom your letter is one that is going to be saved for the ages. you're just so kind and i'm so glad that you're my mom.

Thad, i was able to get your Christmas present I'm still having troubles opening it so i can actually use it, and it's going to be a real great help. thanks brother.

Robyn. that is a lot of snow. i can't believe that, so does that mean that Jethro is going to have to do extra days after school should be out, or did he have enough snow days. how did Lincoln like all that snow and the giant snow hill?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa doesn't use Elves. . .

Thank you so much for sending so much stuff to me, I was able to receive Toni's package and as for your letters I haven't gotten them yet but our address right now is:   410 Victory Garden Drive apt 188 Tallahassee FL 32301

So now you know, sorry for such a long wait It was hard because the post office didn't give us a key to the mailbox until about a week ago.

I hope that fills in the silliness of the day for you all.  Now a little bit of an update here in the world of Tallahassee. Rosenlund went home this week on Wednesday I believe and so for the last few days me Hibbert and O'niones were companions and then we got news that they were going to close down the Tallahassee 4th north side. So that means that instead of having two sets of english missionaries in that ward we are only going to have 1 set which will be a complete change for the ward, but in reality they don't really see us all that much either so it's a nice change, hopefully we'll be able to get better acquainted with everyone and not just be stuck in our area.  So that's what we've heard  today we got the whole story of what's going on, so me and Hibbert are going to be Zone Leaders for the Tallahassee zone and Jon Hammond is going to come up with us and is going to be a district leader, so i'm going to be in a apartment with two sweet guys.

Now for some bad news: a member who lives in Geneva County Alabama was kidnapped on Friday and we are just finding some more information on what's going on and it doesn't look good.  Elder O'Niones knew this member so he hasn't been the same since, and to make this week even more interesting another member who we visit very often, their daughter got into a car accident and totaled her car, luckily she and her friend only had minor injuries, an injured wrist and minor bruising. So this has been quite an interesting week not only for us but for a lot of people that we know. We as missionaries have been safe and I thank you for all your prayers.

thank you all so much, i'm sorry to report but this week has been kind of a slow one and it's going to be a great time now with the three on the way and that I get to talk on Saturday to you for Christmas!

Elder Gillespie

Monday, December 13, 2010

Four Wheels and an Engine

Hello Everybody!

So we have some very exciting news this week.  First to clear up any misunderstanding about Florida being cold; tomorrow they say it's going to get down in the teens, and then by the end of the week the highs are going to be in the mid 60's to 70's. So yes it does get cold here and it's a different type of cold just like it's a different type of heat, so no matter really what you wear here if it's just a bit cold say the 40's and the wind is blowing it feels like it's in the 20's just because the humidity is here and it just cuts through the clothing which you are wearing, straight to the bone as they say here.

other great news is that we got our car back!!!!!!!!!!! (yes i know i broke the Exclamation point rule but it's that important) Molly the Malibu is back in commission which frees  me and elder hibbert up a lot instead of walking or biking everywhere which we have been doing for the last 4 weeks.   We now can go to and fro with ease and please.  You'd be surprised how much a car actually makes missionary work so much better and effective. We can actually get to more people's houses than just walking down a highway.

So stories this week...umm... so zone conference was this week and it was just a really good time.  We have one of the older zones in the mission, the youngest missionary is about a transfer out but everyone else has at least 8 months under their belt.  Even the older mission couples and sister missionaries. So this zone conference was really just an opportunity to relax a bit and just get used to teaching and how to teach better rather than trying to explain it to the younger elders and watching them do it, so we broke off into little groups where we did some role plays. There were 5 to a group and we were told to have an investigator and then a critic and missionaries.  So it was me Elder O'niones, Elder Gates, Elder Thomas and Sister Fink, so when I finished being an investigator for O and Gates we all decided that the next one it was going to be a three person companionship with Fink, me and Thomas teaching Gates and the really neat thing  that I picked up on was, that each of us had a different way of explaining things and helping the investigator understand what's going on. It was just insightful to me to see that no matter where I would be with teaching someone that another person could teach the exact same thing but in a completely different way and that I teach and another person would teach would have the same effect because the spirit would be there and that the spirit would be testifying to them in their own way. So that was in zone conference.  At the end of that we called the body shop where our car was and low and behold the car was going to be there in an hour and a half. So that was a pretty sweet day, Then we got a call to come to a dinner with a member who is from Russia and one who served in Russia so we actually had a Russian dinner, and it was good. borche! So all in all Tuesday was a great day!

Wednesday was not so cool we had an appointment, but of course that fell through mostly because people don't want us to come back so they schedule a time where they know they won't be home. I'm not stupid, but i'm going to be as punctual as I can but if they don't want to show up that's on their heads not mine. We were able to get a lot of lessons in with members seeing as how we now can actually go and visit them.

Which leads us to the rest of the week; it has kind of been a hum drum week, mostly as I see it. Every campus now is done, finals are over and i think graduation is too. A lot of people are going out of town for the next little while and those who are home are working crazy hours just to make ends meet at home or abroad. Life is crazy for the holidays and that's never going to change. I love all you guys and miss you especially during the holidays.


Elder Gillespie

Jethrobyn, you guys are so cool the Egg Nog party sounds just like something jethro would do and something that should continue for years to come.

Ben, you are a busy man with many of those questions on what to do you can do it i believe in you. and i find it surprising that the car was totaled just a back smashed in. so very interesting.

Mom you're the best and i love you guys.

Beetle your talk was simply the best. Very well put and I love the stories and the pure and simpleness of the gospel and testimony. Because it is true.

Sophie Lee! Holy cow. and Congrats I only wish i could be there to see it go down. Your going to do great don't worry to much remember to breathe, and don't lock your knees.

Roxanne you are in for a treat that is for sure, don't be too worried about what's going to happen just enjoy the moment and don't let the stupid elders stink up the class room too much, just a warning. and get as much chocolate milk as you can!

Monday, December 6, 2010

What the. . . December?

Hello Everybody!!!

So what has it been like for you guys in the wintry grips of snow?  well here in the southern part of the country its been kind of cold and just not that exciting still no car, but I'm getting use to walking and walking and walking all over the place. and it does get a bit chilly around here surprisingly like i actually have to wear a sweater most days.

alright i guess it's time to get to the fun of this week. well we have had the great opportunity to start teaching a little bit, but still a lot of tracting, it's getting to the point where we've tracted all the places that are close to us so it takes us like 30 minutes to get to a new place. but we got a lesson in with a lady named (I-saw-too), she has had a lot of different experiences all over the world talking to different people and all sorts of different religions but she really hasn't met with us so she's trying to find all of the things that are right with all of them and then go from there. and she is also very very smart and wants to understand everything, and in my mind they make no sense because she jumps from topic to topic, but i guess that makes better sense than how i think, so we have had good talks about this whole thing and it should be going somewhere soon, i think.

other than that we had a Christmas party where it was back in the old days. like what it would of been like in the olden days. so we had everyone dress up in robes and capes and all sorts of things you would normal see at Halloween, but everyone who came had a good time, and we as missionaries helped set up the whole thing. so we helped with the food, and we cut up about 4 wheels of Gouda cheese that would of been about 18 inches across. cleaned about 5 bushels of grapes and a bucket full of humus we put into little cups, it was interesting none the less. and one thing that I've noticed about myself is that I'm not really concerned about what's going on as long as i can actually help people i don't care, while others just like to leave as soon as the party's over me I'd like to stay and clean up, that's just me.

so other than that it's been kind of a slow week for myself and the work it's just the same old routine. so we'll see what happens at Zone Conference this week, we've heard that things are going to change, but i don't know for sure.

I love you guys so much.

Elder Matt Gillespie

Beetle it sounds like your taking everything in stride and having a easy time readjusting to life. and Sis Palmer was in my same zone for 6 months. she's a pretty neat missionary and person, I hope you guys are good buds now.

Thad your description of what happened with Clint's baptism sounded so cool i wish i could of been there. and I'm sure that the spirit was so strong there. You are doing great Thad, keep up the good work.

Toniben you guys are amazing and I did like Anna's email and it sounds like she's a little girl with a big old heart. and Eliza sounds like the chillest baby ever. and I'm super excited about the phone call, Christmas sounds like it's going to be pretty relaxed so whatever time works best with naps or something like that should work for me.

Janben i really do hope you guys get the place that you like the most and i think that you'll go where ever you need to go to get the best schooling and be great examples to everyone else.

Jethrobyn  thank you for the pictures they really made my day and it doesn't seem like beetle is actually home right now to me. but that's mostly because I'm not there so everything at home doesn't exist.