Monday, June 18, 2007

the journey to powell

well i will give you the down low play by play

Tues: Waking up at about 6:30 to get ready for band
7:15 going to band.
7:30 band starts
8:30 Leave band early to get to the durrans
9:00 arrive at durrans and wait till everyone arrives
10:00 Leave for powell
12:30 arrive at beaver
2:30 arrive at kanab
4:00 arrive at powell and load on the house boat
6:00 go out on the boat and learn how to wake board.
7:30 dinner and devotional
10:00 sleeping

5:30 wake up and go back to sleep
6:00 wake up and get on the boat to go bare foot skiing
7:30 breakfast and relaxation
12:00 prepare lunch
1:00 go cliff jumping
2:30 bogie board battles
3:00 swim behind the boat
7:00 dinner and devtional
10:00 sleeping

5:30 wake up and go back to sleep
6:00 wake up and get breakfest ready
12:00 relax and eat lunch
1:00 go cliff jumping
3:00 learn how to wake board
4:30 relax on the boat
7:00 dinner and devtional
8:00 watch troy
12:00 go to bed

7:00 wake up and eat breakfast
12:00 relax on the boat eat lunch
1:00 go and wake board
2:30 relax on the house boat
6:00 eat dinner
6:45 leave for home
blank spot

12:30 am start driving home from filmore
2:30 am arrive at home
blank spot
10:00 am start mowing lawn and getting back into the groove

that was the extent of my trip for details talk to me

Monday, June 4, 2007


well i guess i'll update what has been going on as of late

first school is "out" and i am in summer band right now and now being a senior is kind of weird to me but hey that's how things work i guess

second i am still working over at Day's and getting a "whole bunch of money" Rrright.

but i have been excepted with the eagle scouts to go to powell for about 4to 5 days which will be awesome and i will become a very brown boy by the time i get back

also the first parade for those that want to know it is this next saturday and it is located in the heart of orem.

well that's i can think of

so until next time i say
Good Knight