Friday, May 22, 2009

My 7000th day and a new job

so on that new website that thad has shown us i officially turned 7000 day old on may 8th while that was pretty cool i really didn't celebrate it and nothing really happened on that day too.

As for my new job i now officially work for Buy Low Market, which is located in the old spot of reams, which used to be the old food 4 less store, which was probably something else before that. from what i have gathered from working there for about a week now, the store gets merchandise from the other stores which are located in the LA area, but we also get shipment in from associated food stores which pretty much as a monopoly on the grocery market in this state. to give you a reference every time that you see a western family logo in a store that means that the entire store has it's shipping from Associated Foods the same thing works with Smiths, Albersons, and Walmart. they all receive there shipments from a different group. but anyways enough about how these stores work,

my job. first i was hired as a checker, which i then spent four days learning how to be a checker and then they took me out of there and then sent me back into the dairy where I originally worked at Days Market for 20 some odd months, which i don't really mind but it was these last few days that i have seen how poor of management they have in the back and how lazy these guys are, the dairy manager there is 19, just as old as I am, and by his words he claims that he has an unchartable reading skill, but he is a high school drop out with a GED and again his own words that high school was to easy. now he's is learning how to play about 4 different instruments, and knows a rock group which sound just like Tool, and they are going to some college to learn more about music, and everyone in this group knows 8 other instruments and also is "fluent" in writing in each of the instruments and is very good at all of them.

so back to the Dairy which is about twice as big as the one at days, but when i first went in there there were 5 pallets of stuff that could be unloaded but the manager didn't do it so i did that by myself which i was starting to get mad. then the freight which is supposed to come in during the morning didn't show up until 6pm so he was already gone and i threw the freight myself which i haven't done in a long time which i should have gotten some help with, so i was pissed by that time and then i realized that the milk was empty so i would then have to fill the milk. and then in the process of filling the milk some costumers wanted some eggs, so i had to drop filling the milk and then fill the Eggs, which i put out about 15 boxes, of 15 cartons per box out, again without any help. by this time it was time to leave which I was glad to do and they are probably going to do the same thing to me tonight, so right now I'm not a happy camper and I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK.

now for the other personal in this store they mostly seem to be either single mothers, or ex-construction workers who all seem to be anti-Mormon or who just don't care if they are Mormon. so that's my venting for this month.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Moving Back

seeing as how most of the people who read this blog have seen me in the last 24 hours i might as well tell everyone else that i have officially moved back home, and out of Butterknife Estates. so right now i'm just looking for a job and also getting ready for a mission, so that's where i'm at in life. just to let everyone know.