Monday, June 4, 2007


well i guess i'll update what has been going on as of late

first school is "out" and i am in summer band right now and now being a senior is kind of weird to me but hey that's how things work i guess

second i am still working over at Day's and getting a "whole bunch of money" Rrright.

but i have been excepted with the eagle scouts to go to powell for about 4to 5 days which will be awesome and i will become a very brown boy by the time i get back

also the first parade for those that want to know it is this next saturday and it is located in the heart of orem.

well that's i can think of

so until next time i say
Good Knight


William said...

you've been reading too many of those science fiction books which take place in the early middle ages when dragons abounded and the use of capital letters had yet to be discovered and Knight meant night. But congratualtions on going to Powell!!

Thaddeus said...

Welcome to the eagle's nest. Just wait 'til your talons grow in! Keep 'em sharp.

JethRobyn said...

Hey Matt!! I'm glad you finally added to your blog! Congrats on the Eagle! Thanks again for your help last night, I really appreciate it, you're the bestest!