Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gillespie Family

Friday August 17th
6 p.m.


Uncle Brian &
Aunt Trea’s

Come for Dinner,
Stay for Fun and Games,
And Enjoy Each Others’ Company.

For the Adventurous type Sleeping outside by the pond
with Breakfast in the Morning

Trea, Robert, Paul, Mary. Families Please Bring Salads For Dinner

Bus John and Jeff Families Bring Dessert


JethRobyn said...

Not to be mean, and saying this most nicely, but I hope I'm not there, I hope I'm recovering at home from just having the baby...I really really hope. If not, I'll be one ornery tired pregnant lady at the party!

Thaddeus said...

Great post, Matt. I didn't expect this information to be forthcoming from you, but I guess it makes sense. You're the only one left at home.