Saturday, October 6, 2007


well this is what most of you on this blogger circuit have been waiting for, as for what i'm going to say

well this date was very well planned out with prepairing for this the day of the date.
well lets start at the beginning which i suppose is a good place to start.
so friday night was the homecoming football game and of course the marching band played in it so when we get done with the football game it's already 10:30 to 11 o'clock at night so we watch the fireworks display and so on and so on, well after i go into the band room (aka. Second bedroom) and i relize that the byu homecoming parade is tomarrow and that we are performing in that at 7 am. so what do i do i go party till 12:30 and final go to bed, then wake up at 6:30 to get to the school on time to change and get ready for the performance (which i think i experianced Vertigo) so we finish the parade at about 10:30 and i have 2nd breakfast and while in line for this wonderful food i talk to all the people in my group to figure out what were going to do and just work out all the minor details so. by this time it 11 o' clock (notice i was at the school for about 20 hours out of the last 48 or so) so i get all the things ready for the date. and we pick them up at about 2 p.m. so our rendvous point was at the wilkins center parking lot. our group then got on scooters and rode around BYU campus till we got to the botonical garden and we set up a croquet course in which we played for ruffly 2 hours ( it was an intense game of crouqet in which i got second) so during this time the it started to rain and it didn't stop until we dropped off our dates (so that was interesting). and while our dates had two hours to get ready we setup for dinner in a patio which was overlooking the valley which looked really cool when the sun went down. so we had dinner and went to the dance and had pictures taken which was really nice. ( as soon as i can figure out a way to put them on the blog i will show everyone.) so yeah

that's about it please leave a comment if you feel inclined or just talk to me....... so... yeah

that's for reading

Matt Gillespie


Benjamin said...

Did you have fun? Did she have fun?

Jancisco said...

That sounds like a fantastic date, even if you had planned it out ahead of time.

WHat was her name, anyway?

Zefroid said...

well she had a great time

and her name was elise(i think)

Aunt Soup said...

So Matt, this date was a while ago. I think it is time for some fresh material. So consider yourself tagged.

Beetle Bailey said...

Sorry, Matto, I didn't know mom already got you. . . do 12!

Beetle Bailey said...

What about the Sadie's date? She was purdy cute!