Sunday, March 1, 2009

first date of my college career

so while I wasn't able to come down to dad's birthday party instead I went on a date, and I think that dad would have approved. So i think I'll clarify what actually happened seeing how Thad may have messed up some details.

so first of all it was a blind date with a girl named Maddie, and it was set up by a friend Courtney who is in two of my classes, it was not set up by Richard Wilson. So to start we went to firehouse which is kind of like going to pier 49 but it's more of a restaurant. here we had a delicious meal were i was happy and full, after this we then went to skating rink, (Note there were three couples) so we skated for probably about a hour and half to about two hours. after that we then decided to go and watch a movie and eat ice cream. and the movie which we watched was big fish, and that was the date that i went on. nothing much but it was still fun to meet new people.


Jancisco said...

that sounds perfect. Did you have the cheesy foccacia bread at Firehouse? If you didn't, you ought to go there right now and try it. And get alfredo dipping sauce.

Zefroid said...

don't worry jan i did and it was delicious.

Bus Gillespie said...

You should make a goal to meet a new person about every other week.