Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where in the World is....

so as of 10 am today the 2 of august in the year of our lord, 2009, my papers our now officially out of my hands and they are now being sent to Salt Lake City to be reviewed and to be assigned.

as of right now the guess are

Toni-- Sweden

Ben-- Chile

Suzy-- Costa Rica

Aunt Robyn-- Panama

Jan-- Harlingen Texas

Aunt Dorthy-- Wisconsin

Myself-- India

Robyn-- Zimbabwe

Mom-- Taiwan

Harrison-- Norway

Bret-- Nicaragua

Thad-- Tennessee

Jethro-- Seattle

Dad-- Louisiana

Emily-- England

Camille-- Taiwan

Uncle Dave-- Houston Texas

Lincoln-- Albuquerque

Sophia-- New Zealand

Cousin Diana-- Spain

LauraLee-- Vernal

Swindle-- Cambodia

Ryan LEE-- Illinois

Mama Adair-- Alabama

Papa Swin-- Uzbekistan / Boise

Ameri-- New Zealand

Katie Glade-- Australia

Grandma-- Denver

Cambria-- Mississippi

Micheal-- Oklahoma

so feel free to write in where you think I'll go and I'll continue to update the list.
this is a list of all possible missions guess.

all of this waiting has made me a bit crazy.


the chelak said...

harrison: norway
bret: nicaragua
thad: india

Thaddeus said...

Aunt Dorothy and Myself took my two best guesses! Let the record show that I win if either of these are right. And here's my real guess: Tennessee

JethRobyn said...

This is Jethro, and I vote for Seattle.

Bus Gillespie said...

I'm going to say Louisiana.

Camille said...