Monday, August 2, 2010

Time flies like an Arrow...

Fruit-flies Like A Banana.

Hello to all readers and writers. This week has been a good week, it's hard to tell when one week starts and the next one ends. So if i repeat myself, my bad. So we have had quite a few influxes of people coming to Post, and also quite a few leaving. It's always sad to see families leave that you have really grown close to, but it's great to introduce and make new friends with people who are looking forward to working with you, not only as a missionary but also as a individual. One family that is leaving is the Dyer family. They were actually the first people i had a dinner appointment with and it was so great because it really did feel like home when i was there. So much so that i almost told brother Dyer "thank you so much thad" not only because he acted like thad but that he also looks like thad. But on the other side of things we moved in a new family on to Post and they are the Henrettys. They are pretty new to the gospel and are really happy to see us missionaries and really want to do the right things, so we want to help them get as close as they can towards temple which they are going to soon which is so exciting to hear. They are going to be here for the next two years which is so exciting because they have the opportunity to grow so much being here. I'm excited to serve them.

so other exciting news. I went to another church this sunday and it was a very interesting experience, we went because someone at hospice, one of the nurses invited us. It was a non denominational church so it was a different experience. They really had a great organization with all the small children going to nursery and they would even change diapers and feed them and anything else that needed to be done to keep them happy. Then they had a group of kids a bit older who had their own area where they could play games, have a lesson and interact with each other. They then had the adult room or sanctuary where they would give their sermons. So as we sat down we saw three projection screens up the wall with a count down till the service started along with that they had four or five cameras so those that couldn't see the stage could see it up on the screen. They also had on the back of the stage cyce lights with at least 5 different gels or colors which would flash according to the music. It brought back a lot of memories from tech crew. I really wanted to see the sound board and light board that they had. Well anyway I had a really great time watching the performances and to see the nurse perform her dance number with her group. All in all a fun experience.We then went to church where it just felt different and it was just a great time in a different sense.

As for what i've been learning this week it's been focused on "Who Am I" which started out with Mosiah 2-6 and then a couple of general conference talks and today was on Alma 5 and what i've learned is that I am only with christ if i am completely with him and I need to get rid of all the pride that i do have so that i may come closer to him and receive his image in me. This can only happen if i have a might change of heart. I have the key to my heart and i have to open it up to God so that he can then change me not only spiritually, but also physically and emotionally too. This is what i love about the gospel is that not only do we have more scripture to understand more but we have living prophets who have been given revelation about each subject that I have, and if it doesn't make sense i can then go to the source where we can then learn all things. which is the unique message that we share and which one of our investigators is starting to understand.

Well that's about it for me. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I couldn't have gotten this far without all of your help.

Love Elder Gillespie

Robyn Happy birthday and I'm glad that you had an enjoyable time at Longhorns and yes the Steaks there are SOOOOoooo good. and lincoln is such a funny little camper. and sophie definitely is going to be a clown.

Ben Gains I can totally understand what you mean when you don't want to go out when it's a festive occasion. but you don't want to be crazy and not celebrate that would just be unfair to all of us and that cake is also one of the tops.

Ben Francisco or should i say Dr. Francisco haha just wanted to throw that one in. Sad news about the car but great news about one year left in school. and a new father soon. hurray. along with a great birthday.

Camille you sound like a missionary here in ozark it seems that either someone moving out or in is asking for help, which i love to do because i actually get to move. and i really hope you are feeling better.

Jethro I don't give good advice i just speak my mind which i usually don't realize till after it's been said which ends up with foot in mouth disease which people don't have a cure for yet.

Jan Poor car I'm so glad that you guys are doing alright though that makes life a lot easier.

Beetle way to go on transfers back to your old stomping grounds while i've really got a clue where that is compared to where you are now i bet your going to do great and it seems like time on both our sides is going so quick, like you've only got a few months left.

Dad i agree with what you said about D&C 121 it's a bit selfish but in the end it all works out, in fact that's one of the thoughts that came to my mind when i read it when i got here.

Mom you are awesome and i love you I hope your ready for your flight and make sure clark and eva get a big old hug from me ok.

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