Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Hello Everybody!

This week has been a weird week probably for us all but last week marked the half way point for me and this mission which is sad to say that I only have a year left to help people and to clear up some misconceptions that people in the south may have about us. Well anyway, on to the good news! This week we are going to have a baptism of a 8 year old less active member which is SO cool, we as missionaries have really been trying to help the family and her out, they are a really nice family which is so cool to see. but of course everyone on their mission thinks most of the members are cool.

other than that we have the members helping us find people to teach while we continue to work with those that we found for ourselves, the top three are


We are really trying to get things worked out in their minds to help them understand the truth that we share very poorly unless we have the spirit with us. Then it makes all the difference and they will get the "ah-ha" moments which we all get in our lives when we "figure" something out or something just clicks to make it so much easier. 

Probably one of the coolest moments this week was when we were talking with our member who is friends with BreiAnna and she told him that she got an answer to her questions about the church and that it was all truth, so that was amazing and a real testimony builder for me, that God wants to and does answer our prayers.

A not so good moment was when we were tracting and a guy came to the door and just said to us "can you guys just go somewhere else, you knocked on my door like every two months, just go somewhere else, I'm tired of seeing you guys." Well sorry guy but we just can't not knock on your door, because there are only so many doors that we can knock on.

One more thing is that sleep is very a important part of life. and this letter will probably go through a lot of revisions before it comes out, why? because when you don't sleep well and drink enough water you brain doesn't think very well by itself and it also makes a lot of stupid and often mistakes which are funny. 

Well that's about all the neat things that i can think of right now so until next week, keep up the good work and keep on truckin'

Jethro what is going on? you should take lots of photos.

Jan your amazing and i bet mom and the kids are just loving it there

Beetle your amazing and you really are doing great things in Chile, hey they were right, you are changing the world for the better.

Thad Really a Career that is neat and are you working on the same thing as you were before? or something completely different.

Hey Clint keep up the good work and remember to keep praying and reading.

Robyn your two little munchkins are so cute. and it's so cool to see sophia just doing her thing it must be driving you up the wall though

Ben Gaines two weeks is awesome and one more left your going to do great

Ben Francisco keep up the good work because i know that you'll do great.

Toni your awesome and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Dad holy cow you sound busy and working like a mad man.

Mom your awesome and i love you

Love you all

Elder Matt Gillespie

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