Monday, July 25, 2011


Dear Parents. life is going good. my address is 1042 old Douglas Hwy, but if you want to keep it simple just send it to the mission office and it'll get to me.

so this week has been interesting for sure and after finding out that I'm getting transferred, i spent most of the day just getting everything ready for the next person to come in, which in this case was a new missionary.  We spent most of the day just deep cleaning the apartment and then getting everything spic and span, not saying I'm dirty but that there was a lot of extra stuff that needed to go. so continuing that day we went and said good bye to a lot of the families that i really liked in Chipley.  So it was a sad time but also good,  kind of weird going back to an area and then leaving it again.

so transfers.... we had a very different transfer this last time, the Tifton guys cam down pretty early with the AP's and what was weird was that the members who live in the tifton area made arrangements for the missionaries to stay with them while transfers were happening.  so kind of weird, transfers happened and then we went up to tifton and what was weird was we got to Tallahassee at about 7pm and then when we got to tifton it was 9pm which i thought was really interesting.  Georgia is a lot more open than i would of thought it's kind of like the feel of Alabama but nicer like Florida, anyways completely different than any other area I've been in. So long story short, we spent the night in tifton at a members home, to get ready for the next day and that was quite a trip. So as we are driving me and elder Kennington started talking and it was really quite interesting to get to know who he was and everything like that.  we get to Pearson and then find out that the town has only two stop lights and a small grocery store and there is a ward in this area which i was amazed at so that's Pearson in a nut shell, small but really happy to see us because there hasn't been missionaries here in over a year so they are starting to really help us out.

I love you all and things are starting to pick up

Elder Gillespie

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