Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fall Band

these last few days have been extremely lllllooong with waking up at about 7 am to get to band by 8 am only to be out on the humid lawn of edgemont's softball field for about 7 hours and that doesn't include a 1 hour lunch break
So this last day I woke up at the same time to go to band but this is a small ensemble wasn't part of the marching band and we played at the moving Vietnam Wall (which is located at pioneer park in Provo on 5th West and 5th North and is open 24 hours from today until Mon the 6th until noon then it will be moving somewhere else i will be playing on Mon from 9:30 until noon so come some time to see the wall) and after the ceremony i got an hour break for lunch before fall band started a 1 pm to 9pm so i was with my music director for about 13 hours of straight band. Man that was Fun.
so that's been my life tell me about your in my comment box


Robyn said...

Wow! Sounds like you get getting quite the band work out this week. Are you going to come play at my civil war party tonight?

Bus Gillespie said...

You are amazing, you just keep plugging away at what you have to do and you keep getting better. I'm glad you are still on our team!

Benjamin said...

Fortunately, DF is the man.