Friday, August 17, 2007

Fall Band Pt.2

well today conclueds the Band Camp adventure and is this is only the half way point in hours to finishing the season but the sad thing is that i have to go to school on monday which i am not excited for so that's my blog thanks for reading


Thaddeus said...

When I read your blogs with no punctuation I sometimes imagine in my head that you have had a lot of caffeine you want to make sure you get all the information out at once before you forget it its pretty crazy thanks for reading my comment

Zefroid said...

well the thing is when i want to finish a sentence i just start a new line without a capital or a period

so that's how my brain works maybe that will change when schools starts?


Beetle Bailey said...

You will miss band camp next summer when you have nothing to do. But the summer after you get straight A's and graduate and bum your way through a couple months without a job and you play on the river all the time is the best. Ever.