Monday, February 4, 2008


I Have Come To The Conclusion That Being Sick Is Not All It Cracked Up To Be

First : Your whole body aches.
Second : You still have all the work from the past days to make up.
Third : When you fall asleep at 9pm and then wake up at 1am for no apperante reason and you can't fall back asleep till 3am after taking a myrid of pills.
Forth : sweating to death while shivering.
Fifth : The almost complete lack of human interaction.
Sixth : Once again the body aches
Seventh : Being Constapaded ( i have come the understand why lincon and clark both didn't like being constapaded either.)

These are just a few of my complaints about being sick


Camille said...

The flu? I'm sorry, Matt. I hope you feel better soon!

Beetle said...

I bet Ben Gaines could figure out a way for you to spellcheck your blog. . .haha Love you, Bwahda

Diana said...

Beetle-I canot cents the empathy you hav for your bro. He is sik, the poor fella, and all you can coment on is his speling?

Thaddeus said...

Eww, matt. TMI. And DMY. And FBI.

Beetle said...

How about a new blog? Like about D.C., or work, or school, or how much you love me?

Diana said...

So Matt, are you still sick?