Sunday, May 25, 2008

As a School Year Wraps Up....

first let me start this epic blog in the middle of april...

In the middle of april when i was a much younger person then i am now i got on to a plane that's desitnation was much farther then it's departure. but the story of this plane ride is not important, but the place where i ended up is the large and more important. this place that i ended up, was and is still called the nations capital. this part of story is about how the band went and performed at many a memorials and for a many people in this great city. on this great adventure we spent a total amount of 5 1/2 days in this city where we performed at nearly a dozen places and a total (including the parade) of nearly 12 million or so people. (and if you want me to go into larger detail if you would please talk to me, that would be great)

so as those days ended on that great saga a new one began... the quest to graduate.

but along the way to this great cause i was taken to other important tasks along the way, which included JR. Prom, Senior Ball, State Band and Choir and running track for timpview. along with working at Day's Market. so as you can see doing all of this in a period of one month can be a bit hecktic not only for me but also my parents.

Now lets start from the top JR. Prom

was a very hecktic day starting out, i decided to take a girl who wouldn't have gotten asked. but unfortunatly i had to ask 3 different girls before i could get a yes. now back to the actual day i had to wake up early to go to work at 7am and i conitued to work till 5pm where i then came home and took a shower and got ready for the date to come. unfortuanlly for me i was not able to take my date on a "day date" but i was able to get her to dinner with the rest of my group. after the dinner we then went ot the dance and danced the night away and finally getting her back home by 12:30 am so that was JR. Prom.

2nd Senior ball

this day was a friday the 2nd of may which seems like an eternty from now.

the moring i went to school to pick up my date and we came to my house for brunch and where we had waffles and fruit to our hearts content. after that we went up the canyon where were going to have lunch after playing in the park. but unfortunally for me and my date we had to leave to go to state band that afternoon. after that we went our ways so she and i could get ready. after picking her up and leaving for the dance we went to her mothers work so she could get a picture of us togther. Note: the time to get up to the dance for dinner was 7p.m. and at this time it was 6:50 and we were at roughly 2000N. and highway 89 in orem. and we arrived at sundance where this was being held at 7:06 on arriving we had discovered that the parking lot was full and the closest parking spot was up a hill and very muddy. well on arrival we had dinner which was well worth the 80 bucks that it cost me and my date. continued later with dancing till the wee hours in the morning, i later had to pick up my dates mom because she accidentally locked her keys in the car so i had to take her back home and bring her back. so she could go home. anyways i took my date home at the plesant hour of 1:30am that is the conculsion of that party.

Part 3

state band and state choir

as you have heard or read before state band was the same weekend as senior ball. in which we recieved superior rating ( the highest rating possible)

and for State Choir which was being held at our school of timpview. and also having the conflict of having my work scheduling me for the same time as this was being held. well we again got straight superiors and after that having to rush home to change and get to work an hour earlier. ( sometimes i wish i had clone of myself, but then again no.)

and finally

Running for our track team in which all of the track meets where held during a rain/snow/really cold days. except the final region track meet where i ran in the 400m "sprint" and the 200M along with doing the long jump. also on this day i had to sing in the choir concert. later that night in which i didn't have the opportuntiy of going home to change in to my tux. but i not being fast enough i wouldn't go to state and run so the final meet i went to was the last chance meet where i was able to run or participate in a total of 9 different events.


inbetween all of this i was working at days mostly at night

thanks for reading


pss. i can't Spell very well along with my grammer


Bus Gillespie said...

spelling was great. very informative. Someday I need to tell you how I went to Jr. Prom for $3.50. It was a kick. You have these times in your life when everything tends to bunch up, but just when you think you are going to go crazy, some nice easy days come along and you are able to get some siding up on the shed. Keep up the good work!

Hosander said...

so, did you ever get to graduation? wasn't that going to be the kicker at the end of your story?

Thaddeus said...

It was an interesting story. Your writing style is called, 'stream-of-consciousness.' This style is hard to follow.

Try writing short sentences. It might help the story flow. Before you type out everything that is in your head, think about the idea you want to get across. Only type that.

Next post, write about graduation in one haiku. 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. It requires discipline and thought.