Sunday, July 13, 2008

why i hate the fourth of july

well now that i have your attention i'll tell you of some very small but very annoying reasons why this 4th of july was the worst i have ever had.

let me start this series of events at the beginning of the week. so monday I went to visit my band buddy's just before there big four of july parade on friday. so that day mainly consisted of me just hanging out and relaxing before i had to go to work on the next day. tuesday started and i had to go to work from 7am to noon which wasn't all that bad and it was another relaxed day of hanging out with friends. now it's weds and again i don't have to work so i sleep in as much as possible and just hang out until I go to a movie party. and i meet my fatty (aka spencer hatfield) who was in europe for a month and a half leaving me with nothing to do.

so thursday the third comes around, the busiest time for the grocers and i have to work from 7am to 5pm which is the longest shift. now this day the freight was supposed to have come in that morning but it didn't so the owners make a few calls and the freight was now coming in at 10pm that night so. and me being so dumb i make it known that i want to help with the freight. so i get off at 5 go home and eat dinner and then go to party until i have to go back to work at 10pm. now that it's 10 i start to work freight and I never had done grocery freight before so i was a newbe at it so anyways. the store closes at 11pm and were still unloading palets to put on the right aisle. so we keep on working and were putting out a lot of things so it continues like this for the rest of the night. now I get hot really easily so at about midnight i take off my shirt and continue to work,( working makes me hot). as we continue at about 2 i am still really hot so the next logical thing is to take off my shoes and i continue to work now there were 5 of us freight guys doing this so it was going to take time to stock the entire store. well we finish between 3 to 3:30am. after this we take a victory celebration at dennys and eat a milkshake and i'm in bed by 4am.
now friday starts with dad yelling at me to get up for work and then mom comes in to shake me to get up. now the time they started this was at 6:45AM so i got a total of about 3 hours of sleep before i had to go back to work. so friday was the dairy's milk freight day, where we get all the milk for the next 2 days. so we started that day doing that but the 7 am checker didn't show up to work so i had the opertunity to get off my feet for a while.
now this day is the fourth of july. most people who shop today are picking up the things they missed from the day earlier, mainly buns and chips. the morning was pretty relaxed until the parade stoped, then all hell broke loose. i was in the front of the store bagging for people for a good 6 hours out of my 9 hour shift. (my shift was again the 7 to 5 shift) now this day we were well understaffed makeing it really difficult for me and everyone else to do anything. now in this state of insanity i kinda made up my mind that i was not going to take my hour break and just work for the ten hours total. but i did and i took a nap upstairs on the very nice soft carpet. no joke it was like laying on a foam matrees. so i came home and then went straight to bed only to be woken up again by the parents for some festivities with the family for which i was gald for.

now it's saturday and i am still exhausted from the previous days but i go to work and i help with the frozen freight and this day was increadably slow because i'm pretty sure that everyone in the valley had a hang over from the previous nights festivities. so i was able to just kinda organize the back. and able to do what i wanted. now again i was schedlued to work 7 to 5 but i got the last two hours off so that i could go and see cousin laurie after she came back from italy. for which i am impressed on what she was able to do. so after that i came home and crashed again and slept for a amazing 12 hours.

so that is my reason why i hated this years festivities.

mainly because i wasn't able to spend much time with my family and friends.

your craziest uncle matt


the chelak said...

under normal circumstances i would laugh at the fact that you have to work and i dont

but since i havent seen you in...
two years?
i'll take pity

really i dont work because im just a lazy sunuvagun

my fourth was filled with a scrap between my closest friends
so maybe we should have traded places
it would have been better if i DIDNT see anybody

Camille said...

Wow. I hope that doesn't happen again, that sounds completely miserable.

JethRobyn said...

I'm glad you at least came out and watched the "fireworks" Ben and Jethro were lighting. I hope you recovered and slept some this week.

Bus Gillespie said...

Can I get a loan? You must be rolling in the money.

Beetle said...

Oh, bwoddy. . . I miss you.