Tuesday, August 12, 2008

moving out

well this post is about my fears about moving out. well not about my fears but the unexpectedness that i worry about. and here is a little list about it

1. what should i take
2. when should i start packing
3. how much should i leave behind
4. why am i feeling so nervous
5. how do get my money up there
6. who am i going to meet up there
7. will they care who i am.

these are just a few of the questions i have if you have any suggestions feel free to comment



Benjamin said...

1. You're only two hours from home. When I went to college two hours from home, I found that it really didn't matter what I took initially; I could always grab stuff on weekends when I was back at home.
2. About a week before you go. This leaves time for you to remember certain things that you might otherwise forget if you leave it until the last minute while not stressing you out unnecessarily too long before you go.
3. See answer #1.
4. Because this is the fourth biggest change of your life (after marriage, mission, and child birth, in no particular order) and you don't really have a concept of what it is really going to be like. But that's normal and natural.
5. They have the same banks that we have. Or, if you mean, "how do I earn money up there?" the answer is that there are plenty of jobs for students. The trick is balancing work, school, fun, and sleep. A wise professor once told me that college is about learning what is super-important, what is kind of important, and what you can completely blow off.
6. Who knows? But you're already at an advantage because you'll be in a ward and Institute classes. People are friendly, and so are you. I think you'll enjoy the variety of people that you'll meet, and you'll learn to interact with all kinds of personalities.
7. Yes. They just will. Because you are MATTUS. I promise.

Bus Gillespie said...

Ben is a wise man. but take everything because your room may turn into a spare kitchen while you are gone!? We go in less than a week...Take enough money to get yourself started, open an acct where Thad banks thenyou can transfer money up there as you need it.

Zefroid said...

thanks for the very uplifting advice and thanks for settling down

Thaddeus said...

5. They don't have UCCU in Logan. They do have Mountain America Credit Union all over Utah, so I switched there.

3. Leave behind anything you haven't touched in the last year. Take that stuff to DI.

JethRobyn said...

I think all the good advice has been said. All that is left to say is, Matt, all will be well, and I think this will be an awesome awesome change for you. Good luck, we'll miss you, but am glad that you are only two hours away!

Jan said...

You're getting so big!

I agree with Ben and Thad about the "stuff" issue. Pack up everything--take some of it to DI.

I had the same problem with money at Ricks--no UCCU, but they do have ATMS. You just have to withdraw a lot at once because you don't want to keep having to pay the atm fee. You might just want to switch banks while you are still in Provo to like Zions or Wells Fargo that has branches in both places. They carry about the same interest rates. You'll just have to memorize a new account number. :)

Everyone will love you. Read "How to Win Friends and influence People" before/while you move. This totally helped me as I prepared for my college social career. I think Jethro has it.

Good luck!

Beetle said...

Oh Bwoddy!!! You are getting so big. I like you. And you have the plus of living with people who love you and know you right off the bat. The stuff thing is this: you have WAY too much. Don't feel bad about giving it away.
See you so SOON!!!