Friday, November 7, 2008

With Winter Coming

so with winter coming i have changed a little bit on how i dress, first of all i started to wear gym shorts underneath my jeans to keep me warm. as well as wearing a hoodie as much as possible, also a hat. apparently it's going to get colder up here so i don't what to do then. unlike most of the people that i know it hasn't snowed up here to were there has been snow sticking to the ground.

so with this getting colder my Frisbee teacher has moved the class indoors into a gym. this being so i brought my basketball shoes that i have had for the last few years, and yes they still fit to be specific it's been about 5 years. so anyways we started playing and now i realized that my feet started to get really hot, now i have played with dad and his group of teachers last year for about 2 to 3 months and this sensation wasn't anything new. so after subbing out of the game i decided to look at my foot because it didn't seem right so unlacing my shoe i removed my foot and looked at my foot and low and behold my sock was completely soaked in sweat and near my pinkie toe there was a red circle, so discover what had caused this i rolled my sock down and found out that my pinkie toe had rubbed itself in the shoe so much that it was now bleeding. now to calm peoples fears that I'm injuring myself. first the "injury" wasn't bleeding when i removed the sock, second the "injury" is about the size of a button's hole. so seeing this i then continued to play after putting everything back on.

Arriving at the house i looked at it again and changed my socks and decided not to put a band-aid on it hoping that it would heal before class in two days, we i went to class not worrying to much about it and instead of wearing my basketball shoes i just took my running/everything else shoe and started playing. at the end of class i then went to the locker room to investigate on if it was healed. much to my surprise it didn't and to remind me of this i had a larger red spot on my sock so after putting them back on i went to the weight room to work out for about an hour. then i went home and then decided to put a band aid on it with some ointment on it just in case i got some bacteria from this adventure.

well as for me everything up here is just great and i say everyone should come up for some time and we will party.



Bus Gillespie said...

I really want to come and visit but there is another BYU game this week AND we have a crew of kids coming to our house for a sleep-over tonight---Its part of thier youth conference, plus I'm cleaning the church in the morning. Sounds like you need some shoes with less leather covering your feet.

Beetle said...

I just visited! You guys should come down for waffles at my apartment.
I wore your hiking boots for my mountaineering campout, right? Well, I also had hand warmers in my socks and after hiking FOREVER I had hurt my pinky toe so much that the nail fell off.
It grew back, though. So, don't fret about your toe either.

Jancisco said...

Poor feet. Poor poor feet. Just building up the callouses for the mission, I guess.

YOU should come visit.