Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hanging out with Thad

So today like most in Logan start out the same with me waking up at about 8 am, eating breakfast and then driving Thad to school and dropping him off at the engineering building and then i park the car. then going to school.
After school i walked home mostly because i didn't want to ride the bus with a whole bunch of middle school students that always seem to be swearing up a storm. Well anyways when i arrived home Thad then came in looking quite dismayed, his problem was that he couldn't figure out a problem for one of his fluid dynamics class or something like that. After having a delicious frozen pizza we then headed to his job where he could use the computers to help him with this problem. now the cool thing is that i was able to go inside this very secret building and i found out where he works and what office. After a half an hour or so we then went to a elders quorum activity where we went rock climbing. I love this activity and the last time i went probably was when last December or some time around then, so my first climb i realized that i was not in shape like i used to be. A crazy thing happened while we were there my math teacher came in and started to climb, now he is one of my teachers who is a hippie with a nasty neck beard and a ponytail. After a long climbing session of about a hour and a half our hands became cramped and my forearms are on fire. we came back to Thad's work where i am now completing this blog, also Thad hasn't been able to write a blog lately because his homework is keeping it from him.

well that's what's been going on up here, we will see you soon for thanksgiving.



Thaddeus said...

This is like you're describing a dream. "My math teacher came in and started to climb."

Glad you hanged out with me, sorry it was a big waste of time. I did get that project done though!

Jancisco said...

Was the pizza really frozen? Gross. College boys are weird.

Beetle said...

We should go climb during Thanksgiving with Camille! Keep it in mind.

I dragged against Spencer Fatty last night. He kicked my butt.

The Cute One said...

How exciting. I wanted to come rock clinmbing too, but I was told no. How sad.