Monday, December 15, 2008

Finals are over

so this post is just going to recap what has happened the week before, and during finals week

so the last week of school I went to my classes when I realized that I wouldn't have to go to any of these classes ever again, hopefully. so my first class of the week was a computer class where I learned about how to use 2007 Microsoft office. when I arrived at the class I sat down and waited for the teacher to show up, the minutes then started to pass, and then class was done and he hadn't shown up to teach us so, then went to my next class. the next class was English with my hippie surfing teacher. this day I had the opportunity to give an presentation to the class, I didn't think I did to well but I got about an 88% on the presentation so I was pleased with that. after this sort of stressful situation I then went to my Math 1050 class which ends up being the same as college algebra in high school which I had already taken just like my English class. well anyways we got back a test that we had taken on the last chapters which we had covered earlier. I got about 80% which I thought I shouldn't get but I did do some things wrong so I guess I do deserve that. after that my day was done at 1:30pm so on to home

Tuesday was just Institute and Frisbee.

Wednesday was just about the same as Monday except for the part where I learned that my computer class was over because we took the last test on the day before thanksgiving break so it was good that I didn't have to worry about having a final in that class. so off I went to English were I listened to more presentations and I learned that I didn't have to take a final in that class either this made me happy. and then to math class were we got another practice test for the final so I finished that when I got home the same time as Monday.

Thursday was Institute Math and Frisbee. this day I found out that there wasn't a final in Frisbee so that great that I didn't have to worry about that. so that narrowed down the finals to just Math and the time for the final was 7:30am on a Thursday.

Friday was just the same as Wednesday.

so now finals week started and that left me to do practice tests until Thursday. This sounds like a great thing because then I could push off studying till weds. for those that know me I get nervous very often and it lasts for a long time. As the days came closer the harder for me to stay asleep at night and often I would wake up in a panic wondering if I was going to be late for my test and then I would then not be able to pass the class. So on Thursday I woke up at 6 then got ready, and waited for about a half an hour until I could get a ride up to campus and then I could wait for another half hour till the test was given out.

As soon as the test was given out thoughts of old high school test came flooding back, I then realized that this probably wouldn't be to hard and that I would be fine. Two hours passed and then I was done with the test, I went over my questions again and then turned in my test. From that point I was free and nothing could stop me now. That's when I realized that my break had begun and I was so happy.


Beetle said...

Very thorough. Well done. Cherish the days of only one final . . . I had 2 oral finals, 3 written and 5 papers this semester. It's sure fun when it's over.
Do you remember what Fullmer used to say about finals? "When you walk out of your last final you feel so much lighter, but when you walk out-knowing you aced it- you feel like a million bucks".
I'm excited to feel what graduation is like . . .

Bus Gillespie said...

college sounds like a breeze. In your dreams were you at school without your pants on? Good job on Semester #1. Have you gotten into the mission papers yet?