Sunday, September 13, 2009

Talk done and over

so today i gave my farewell talk, even though I still have about 3 weeks before I enter the Empty Sea. (MTC) thanks beetle

so my talk was on hope and faith and here are some highlights

1st hope is an attitude of optimism
2nd faith is the work after we have optimism for a better world. or our hope is the driving force to do good to all.
3rd hope is build on faith and faith is built on hope.
4th to get back to god we must first have hope that christ will help us, and that his atonement will perfect us.
5th it's good to write your talk before the day you give it.
6th the scariest thing about giving a farewell is, that most of the people you love the most are there and you don't want to screw up by teaching false doctrine.

so those are just a couple of things I've realized since my talk about 13 hours ago.

also to inform everyone my emails will or should be posted on this blog.


Benjamin said...

I would be happy to take care of that for you.

Jan said...

Sounds like an excellent talk. I wish we could have been there to hear it.

MidSpeck said...

Sounds like a good talk. I'm interested in point #3. How can you get faith without hope? How do you get hope without faith? Seems like a paradox.

Zefroid said...

it true midspeck it does seem like a paradox, and i don't know how to explain it but for some reason they both grow together.

Benjamin said...

I recorded it, in case anyone wants to hear it.