Tuesday, October 13, 2009

first week 103 more to go

HELLO everybody!!!

ok so the first couple of days here have been really SSSLLOOOWWW. but now things are finally starting to pick up to a regular pace, umm... where to start, first of all there are 10 people in my disctrict and they are super awesome, it's one of those things where everybody just clicked together really well, so to start off, my companion is named Elder chaz Egbert, or Elder Egbert for short.

than we have Elder Downs who is an amazing snowborder, who is companions with Elder Brown who is a Computer type of a guy who did software testing or something, these two are a funny match one is super chill and the other is wanting to be the straight obidiant missionary, both are the first one's to leave.and both are going to fort worth texas. ok then the next companionship is sister brunson who loves bacon, and sister alston who is kind of like michelle crosland, and they are just funny people, sister Brunson is kind of like me but more behaved and a woman.
the next Companionship is Sister Hernandez? anyways she is like the mom of the group, and all three of these sisters are coming with me and elder egbert to tallahassee, then we have sister De La Mare who is going to the NY NY south mission. wierd, i know, she is kind of quiet but is a good complement to sister hernadez, all of the sisters room together, and are having a really good time. then finally we have Elder Moses who is almost twenty but looks like a deacon, a very respectable deacon. and finally our district leader who is elder Strause, and we like to make rhymes like elder strues is riding a moose and is chasing a goose with a noose. anyways really good guy from idaho. and thad he dosen't suck and is really nice and way cool. and we spend about 14+ hours together on any given day.

so now that you know a little about my district i'll tell you guys about somethings i've learned so far, when it comes to finding out if a gospel principal is right all that needs to be done is study the subject, and pray about the subject, one thing that i've had a big influnce is the fact there is a god and that he does love me and wants me to do the best that i can. and while i don't know everything about the gospel right now, I feel like it's the right thing.

thanks again for all of your support, if you would like to send mail I would recommend the Dear Elder, so my mail number is 204 and the date that I'm supposed to leave is the 28ish of october, and i'm going to tallahassee. and that way it's sent to me in letter form and i get it the same day you sent it and also that way i can spend all of my time writing this lovely email. again thanks for your support,

i would never be here with out you.

Elder Gillespie

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