Monday, July 19, 2010

New Years Resolutions

So Story Time. . .

this week has been a bit nuts I'm not going to lie or stuff like that, it's again been a week where i can't keep track of the days and to be honest it kinda feels like a Wednesday

So let's think back to Tuesday, that was the first day that we had district meeting just with the people in our apartment, last transfer it was with a whole bunch but it got changed so i'm now the District Leader for just us people in Ozark. so this being my first time actually being in charge of something i was Freaking Out which normally doesn't happen. so we had our meeting and it was really good even though i didn't know what was going on. and i give all the credit to God for that because he is the one that made it come together. so that was really cool about Tuesday.

Also on tuesday we mowed a members lawn who asked for some help from us, she works full time and has some younger kids who aren't quite old enough to mow the lawn without supervision, so we did that from 1 pm to about 4 pm with little cloud cover and a 90% humidity and 98 degree weather so that was a very intresting time, so now it dosen't feel quite so hot as it once was but it's still HOT. i think i drank about 3 quarts of water during that time. so we were going and the mower just gave out on us about half way so my thought is that's over heated and can't quite keep up with us so we left it and decided to come back the next day to finish which we did with again it being Blazing hot but we did it with a smile and a sweaty back and dripping heat.

so that is what happened on Wednesday. to which i took 3 showers one in the morning one after mowing and then one after playing volleyball with the youth outside. i felt really gross that day.

Thursday was just another day in the life of a missionary like getting invited to church by an investigator which was quite an experience and it wasn't as bad as thought but i think they could of just stopped with the microphones and the volume up to the roof after this experience we discovered that we really needed to clean up the apartment and it couldn't wait till today, so Friday came and we DEEP cleaned the entire apartment which took the entire day, but funny news the toyota recall is still going on, so we, being toyota drivers, then spent some of the day at the dealership getting it fixed which they did for free! score!

Saturday was Crazy so we get out the door and get ready to go tracting well as we get out of the car, that has recently been fixed so we don't go flying off the road, and start getting our materials, a jeep flys by us and pulls over quite suddenly and then three guys hop out and i thought oh maybe they think we are in some car trouble, so we are friendly we they come closer we notice that they are dressed kind of like us to which we soon realized that they think we are in trouble but not with our car. so we get preached to that we need to be saved and that we can only be saved on Jesus and that if you don't believe the Bible than you are going to be "Cast off" in the last day, all in all a funny and sobering experience because i realized that people think we are going to do the same thing to them. that we are going to tell them that they are going to hell, but they just don't know what we are teaching.

So with that under our belts we took off and went tracting anyways, I was then much more friendly and personable than before and much happier for the experience.

We then rushed back to our car while to go to a birthday party that our investigator invited us to. it was her little girls birthday, and we were the only mormon people there but everyone seemed to like us and wasn't really offended that we came and then they told our investigator that "hey they aren't so bad" we had a good time and then had to get rushed off to a dinner apointment where after a while a friend came over who had some good questions and we were able to help her out with some questions and a blessing that she needed. which leads us to yesterday.

Sunday = awesome a day of relaxation and spiritual highs. let that suffice

which leads us to today where i can't really move my arms because of the extreme workout i did with butikofer

also the apartment make up is this Me, Butikofer, Cox and Christensen. Christensen replaced O'niones and everyone now sleeps in the same room and study in the same room, as of before we slept in different rooms and studied in our rooms. so a intersting dynamic change as of friday.

Love Elder Gillespie

Janben clark eva and baby I can't believe that this school year is almost over and that your going to be heading back to san antonio and Clark my dreams have been crazy, the last one i can remember I was back home with all my friends but i was still set apart as a missionary and trying my hardest to help everyone that needed help back home, it was a good dream

Ben I think that no matter what we are going to have to workout together it's going to be so much fune and i think that we are both going to get huge! or at least definition.

Beetle You are so AWESOME I can just tell you've got your head on so much better than i do and your doing so good to. keep up the good work because i know you can.

Jethrobyn the porch looks awesome and it sounds like toby just shows up right when he's needed and can do the job the right way the first way. also clint is so big along with all the other chelaks. how did they get so big?

Mom I'm suprised that you didn't want any leftovers. yours are GOOD! i'm sad that i ate so much cold cearal now. also John LaFollette is going to Carlsbad Califorina Mission, Ryan Adair is going to Manchester New York mission and Mike Howard is going to Johannesburg South Africa. life is getting crazy

Dad keep up the good work.

Roxanna You still need to keep me updated about the Call and stuff this is exciting i'm always so happy to see what's going on with my friends.

Jon and Ryan you better email me while you get to the or at least send your address.

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