Monday, July 5, 2010

Boom on the Fourth of July

Hello everybody things are going really good here in the alabama state, and good news I'm staying in Ozark for another 6 weeks with Elder Butikofer so this is so good and it should be a great time in the coming weeks, I'm excited too. So, what's new since this last week. well not much we had a great celebration on Fort Rucker, we were able to see all of the helicopters that they fly here on post which was really neat, the other cool thing about it was that we were invited by a less active family to join them for this celebration, that was really cool and was and has been the highlight for the week.

other than that oh! we met our mission president, President Jensen he sounds and looks and acts just like president summerhays which has made this transition much easier he seems like he the man with the plan and a humble man too. and this is going to be a great next 15 months with him. other than that this week again has flown by and unfortunatly have to go, the sad news about this week Elder O'niones is leaving which is sad he just makes the apartment, so it'll be neat to see how the next elder respondes to us, seeing how we are all crazy.

president has really stressed that we as missionaries need to serve the people that we are working with and also the community he gave us an acrinm and seeing how he's farmer he likes to use farming terms.

S pirit
O bedence
W ork

R epentence
E ternal life
A tonement
P eople

and that's what i think is going to be his focus this on service and i've got a gut feeling that we might have a hurricane this summer or the next just so we can do what he thinks which is the best.

Well that's about it and this couple of weeks coming will be very eventful and this should be a great time for me

to everyone else thank you so much for all that you've done.

Love Elder Gillespie

Robyn I do get your emails and i'm sorry i didn't reply i just forgot.

Jan Great update and thank you for the funny tales keep it up

Camille thanks for the update and you'll do great keep it up.

Roxanne you'll have to keep me updated and i got package thank you very much, but the General Conference CD didn't work. if you want to send them the other way that would be nice but i could get it, if you don't have enough time to do it.

Beetle I can't believe how quick life is going and i'm going to sweat off all the fat that i have this summer only to put it back on with fried foods.

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