Monday, November 15, 2010

Life in a Day

Dear Parents

life here in Tallahassee has been a bit crazy and here's how it happens

1st upon realizing that I was coming to Tallahassee I needed to pack from Ozark and also say good bye to all the families that I was really close with and all of the other cool people that I've met in that lovely tiny town. so I was running back and forth all day Monday Tuesday and in the morning of Wednesday, saying good bye to all the seminary students.  I'm going to miss those guys.  so Wednesday is transfers and what happens is that we have 4 transfer spots in so the 15 passenger van that leaves Tallahassee goes from one end back to the other end dropping off and then picking back up others so i was going to Tallahassee so i had to wait till it got there from mobile, so it was a nice little time that i had in Cottondale with everyone who was also either going east or picking up someone from the west. fun times, so i get to Tallahassee and I'm now with Hibbert who I was in the same district when i was in Chipley almost a year ago, so upon arrival I find out that we are moving apartments the next day, so rather than just up pack to repack i just fell asleep with some one's old comforter and pillow and just waited out the night, morning came on Thursday and started to pack up the apartment and everything that was in it and started to clean it out and all the other fun things that happen with moving, so that lasted all day, which leads us to Friday where me and Hibbert started to deep clean the apartment, the old one, and got it in a better condition than it had probably been in for many a year. so we clean out our areas and got things where they were supposed to be and life has been good. which leads us to Saturday well all was going good for us doing some service and all that fun stuff that goes along with that and we started heading for home when we got into an accident, now it's not as bad as it sounds, the driver's front tire was hit by the other persons passenger front/hood, so there was little humanly damage but the cars don't look to be in a good condition. so not a good thing to happen here on the fourth day here in Tallahassee. so for the last few days we are now stuck either walking, biking or hitchhiking with other elders. and they have been so nice to us for this little blimp in the road work, but I'm glad this isn't a life threatening experience still haven't broken a bone or gotten stitches. i just don't have a car now.

so Tallahassee is definitely a difference from any other place I've been in. so I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

Love you guys

Mom Happy Birthday first and foremost. and i miss you guys

Dad Keep up the good work.

Jethro don't get sick and keep up the art, and i think you should of just hung up all the old art work you had just on the studs in the basement. that would of been pretty cool

Robyn don't hibernate then you'll miss all of the cool snow storms and all the other neat things that happen in winter. and it's not that bad.

Jan your kids sound like so much fun i bet they are having a blast back in the Utah area.

Ben Learn learn learn, so you can be the best doctor that the world has ever known.

Thad what's going on in the world of BKE and Clint-o-beans? along with your new job? do you still have no idea what's happening?

Toni your kids are so smart and nice to each other. Ben told me about the trip to Grandma's house Anna is nice.

Ben i do want to go to the North west we'll have to plan a trip up there when you don't have to work up there, because that would not be as fun.

Beetle Keep up the good work keep strong and run like there's no tomorrow I'm so excited for you, also don't get trunky it's ok to talk about home just don't stay on the subject.

my address i think is 410 Victory Gardens, Tallahassee Florida something something something

if that's not good enough just send all fan mail to
1535 Killearn Center Boulevard, Tallahassee, FL 32309

Elder Gillespie

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