Monday, November 8, 2010

Tally Ho! To Tally Town

Dear Parents:

Things just got crazy. yes I've been in Ozark 30 weeks and now I'm going to Tally town or Tallahassee. So this is going to be a great opportunity for me to get a reboot and ready to go so what does that mean? it means that I'm now going to pack up for the next few days and get ready for the next couple of days.  The Amazing thing also is that I'm companions with someone who came out with me, Elder Hibbert. who was also with me when i was in Chipley and he was in Bonifay which is in the same district. now I'm sad that I'm leaving the place that I could call a second home  but i think this is going to work out for the best.

So now for the weekly update. this week again has been interesting to say the least. so most of the week has been getting ready for BreiAnna's baptism which was a lot of the days we focused on getting things ready. So we first needed to get a time which we could get an interview for her with the Zone Leaders, so we set that up on a Thursday night, so after that, the ZL's decided to stay so that they could get things ready for Dothan the next day. so we had a little bit of fun with them.  Friday comes around and we helped finish the baptism program and got things ready for the next day, and in the process had a great discussion with Cori about how we need to be an optimistic person because things all work out in the end and then also we were able to give him a blessing of comfort so that was a really neat experience.  Saturday comes and we start getting things ready for the baptism at 5pm and so we are almost ready to go when we get a call to push it back for two hours. so we make a few calls and all that fun stuff, 7pm comes around and still no sign that she's coming and 730 we get a message that they probably won't make it for the baptism tonight.  So we have ourselves a little meeting just to make everyone feel more happy about what happened which was a really cool experience. So that night we come back in and we get ready for bed hoping that maybe tomorrow that she'll be able to make it. we show up for church, but not hearing anything, because we have to go through another person to find out what BreiAnna's plans are, I'm not too thrilled about being left in the dark, when we get some more information that her baptism is going to be postponed for a time. which is sad to see that no matter how hard we try to help people come closer to Christ and that this is a way for people to help themselves become a better person, not only spiritually but in every other aspect of our lives. and that the way to do that is through our commitment to follow Christ through baptism and followed by the confirmation of the holy ghost. 

So other than that today it's the fact that it got chilly this week, so much so that i actually had to pull out my jackets from last year and yes I'm wearing one right now. I'm now leaving probably one of the best area's in the mission right now and going to another great one.

Love Elder Gillespie

P.S. I love you all.

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