Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa doesn't use Elves. . .

Thank you so much for sending so much stuff to me, I was able to receive Toni's package and as for your letters I haven't gotten them yet but our address right now is:   410 Victory Garden Drive apt 188 Tallahassee FL 32301

So now you know, sorry for such a long wait It was hard because the post office didn't give us a key to the mailbox until about a week ago.

I hope that fills in the silliness of the day for you all.  Now a little bit of an update here in the world of Tallahassee. Rosenlund went home this week on Wednesday I believe and so for the last few days me Hibbert and O'niones were companions and then we got news that they were going to close down the Tallahassee 4th north side. So that means that instead of having two sets of english missionaries in that ward we are only going to have 1 set which will be a complete change for the ward, but in reality they don't really see us all that much either so it's a nice change, hopefully we'll be able to get better acquainted with everyone and not just be stuck in our area.  So that's what we've heard  today we got the whole story of what's going on, so me and Hibbert are going to be Zone Leaders for the Tallahassee zone and Jon Hammond is going to come up with us and is going to be a district leader, so i'm going to be in a apartment with two sweet guys.

Now for some bad news: a member who lives in Geneva County Alabama was kidnapped on Friday and we are just finding some more information on what's going on and it doesn't look good.  Elder O'Niones knew this member so he hasn't been the same since, and to make this week even more interesting another member who we visit very often, their daughter got into a car accident and totaled her car, luckily she and her friend only had minor injuries, an injured wrist and minor bruising. So this has been quite an interesting week not only for us but for a lot of people that we know. We as missionaries have been safe and I thank you for all your prayers.

thank you all so much, i'm sorry to report but this week has been kind of a slow one and it's going to be a great time now with the three on the way and that I get to talk on Saturday to you for Christmas!

Elder Gillespie

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