Monday, December 6, 2010

What the. . . December?

Hello Everybody!!!

So what has it been like for you guys in the wintry grips of snow?  well here in the southern part of the country its been kind of cold and just not that exciting still no car, but I'm getting use to walking and walking and walking all over the place. and it does get a bit chilly around here surprisingly like i actually have to wear a sweater most days.

alright i guess it's time to get to the fun of this week. well we have had the great opportunity to start teaching a little bit, but still a lot of tracting, it's getting to the point where we've tracted all the places that are close to us so it takes us like 30 minutes to get to a new place. but we got a lesson in with a lady named (I-saw-too), she has had a lot of different experiences all over the world talking to different people and all sorts of different religions but she really hasn't met with us so she's trying to find all of the things that are right with all of them and then go from there. and she is also very very smart and wants to understand everything, and in my mind they make no sense because she jumps from topic to topic, but i guess that makes better sense than how i think, so we have had good talks about this whole thing and it should be going somewhere soon, i think.

other than that we had a Christmas party where it was back in the old days. like what it would of been like in the olden days. so we had everyone dress up in robes and capes and all sorts of things you would normal see at Halloween, but everyone who came had a good time, and we as missionaries helped set up the whole thing. so we helped with the food, and we cut up about 4 wheels of Gouda cheese that would of been about 18 inches across. cleaned about 5 bushels of grapes and a bucket full of humus we put into little cups, it was interesting none the less. and one thing that I've noticed about myself is that I'm not really concerned about what's going on as long as i can actually help people i don't care, while others just like to leave as soon as the party's over me I'd like to stay and clean up, that's just me.

so other than that it's been kind of a slow week for myself and the work it's just the same old routine. so we'll see what happens at Zone Conference this week, we've heard that things are going to change, but i don't know for sure.

I love you guys so much.

Elder Matt Gillespie

Beetle it sounds like your taking everything in stride and having a easy time readjusting to life. and Sis Palmer was in my same zone for 6 months. she's a pretty neat missionary and person, I hope you guys are good buds now.

Thad your description of what happened with Clint's baptism sounded so cool i wish i could of been there. and I'm sure that the spirit was so strong there. You are doing great Thad, keep up the good work.

Toniben you guys are amazing and I did like Anna's email and it sounds like she's a little girl with a big old heart. and Eliza sounds like the chillest baby ever. and I'm super excited about the phone call, Christmas sounds like it's going to be pretty relaxed so whatever time works best with naps or something like that should work for me.

Janben i really do hope you guys get the place that you like the most and i think that you'll go where ever you need to go to get the best schooling and be great examples to everyone else.

Jethrobyn  thank you for the pictures they really made my day and it doesn't seem like beetle is actually home right now to me. but that's mostly because I'm not there so everything at home doesn't exist.

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