Monday, April 11, 2011

Tree Limbs and Softball

Life here is going really well and thank you again for the letters, it really makes life a lot easier and to answer your questions mom, we didn't fix the drains till Wednesday this last week, i did get burned but not too bad, and we also used grocery bags to make ourselves gloves to wear, unfortunately I'm still healing up from that experience, but don't worry I'm doing fine.

So what makes today different than any other day? well today is a day where we can change the world one little bit at a time, for the better. but lets review this last week and find out how we all worked together to change the world. and here's a few of my stories.

so Monday night was such a cool night, we had such a cool storm come through with lightning and thundering and rain and all these wonderful things come and happen that night especially right around 2-3 in the morning, and i slept through all of it... bummer i know. but what my comps said is that it was just such a wonderful experience to see lightning going off, like every three seconds, for that entire period. so anyways we wake up the next morning with a frantic call from a member telling us that we need to come over and help them out because a tree had fallen on their roof. so we get ready and head out to help them, and as we pull up we don't really see any problems or anything like that, so they invite us in and we are told that we need to move one entire room out, because the roof was going to collapses, we hurried like little rabbits going in and out of the master bed room getting everything out as fast as we could, the ceiling didn't look to bad at the beginning, so we got everything we could out of that place. which we felt very successful for doing, than they took us out to see what had really happened, so we turned the corner and we see this oak tree that is no doubt one of the bigger trees in the area which had been pulled up out of the ground and then fell on the house, which looked pretty dang cool.

 so that was Tuesday in a nutshell we also saw this nice widow of the ward and she also had a tree fall on her roof, but just a little hole that was only about 2 feet by 4feet, which she should be getting it fixed soon. so that was the really cool thing about this whole storm that happened, Monday night,

Wednesday, was a day of fixing things, so last week i told you of the adventure of the sulfuric acid, and what can happen to drains if you use, said sulfuric acid. so by this time i was just getting so sick of not being able to use the drain that i decided to just fix it myself, which i was a bit surprised that i could do, but i got everything that i needed to fix the problem. we waited so long because the land lords were supposed to send some people to fix it, which they never did. so we got the parts and fixed the problem. i now feel more and more like a plumber.  that day we also had a wonderful time with Bonnie and helped her get back on to reading and praying, which is the best things for our spiritual selves. and then a fantastic time eating more ribs than a man could handle, which is becoming more and more of a favorite in my book, with some of the funnest members they have three kids who are just themselves around us and happy that we come over, kind of like big brothers to them. so that was really cool to eat with them.

Thursday. was the day that i turned 18 months. which i must admit feels really weird like i would never get to this point, i just thought i would always be one of the youngin's and that i wouldn't ever leave the mission. kind of weird to say but i realize that life comes quick. that day we did trade offs for the night with tally 2nd ward, and i went with them and had such a great time with them and getting to know them better and also visiting a member who lives in our area but the rest of the family lives in 2nd wards. also 2nd ward knows them better because that's where they go to church, but i went to see what they are like and see if we could get teaching over there. we saw this really cool perspective on how big the universe is and then how small quarks and other objects are and the space in between.  so over all really cool to see, and really said to me that there shouldn't be any doubt of the reality of god.
that night the other guys were talking to this guy who came up to us and asked to be baptized and try this "conversion thing again" so we set a date for him to get baptized on Friday the 22 and then confirmed on 24th of April, a little bit of a cool simile.

Friday we went and did our weekly planning at the top of the state capitol building which is the tallest building in Tallahassee and where we can actually see. so that was really cool to see and they didn't have any cool storms so that was a bummer. but neat to see everything else. and we then had a great lesson with the parks, and it was just really cool to see them watch a little bit of conference and i think that really helped them out, and Sophia says that she'll get baptized but she doesn't feel ready yet. but we'll keep working with them, they are just so cool to visit.

Saturday we had a stake softball tournament which was really cool and Bonnie showed up which we were really excited about, and I'll say I'm not good at softball, it's been to long since i picked up a glove and ball, I'm very glad that they didn't hit the ball to me at all, but with that I'll say it was really hot when we were playing. something that i didn't enjoy at all. and after that we got a call to move somebody, so we went and helped another person move, this week. and that was even more miserable. but in reality it wasn't that bad it just was getting really hot and that's something I'm not use to, at least not yet.

then Sunday it was just a really nice day to relax a little bit and get life going again. just another good Sunday.

that's my contribution to society this week, and wait till next week with more of updates from TALLY TOWN!!!

Ben G. that is definitely an awesome quilt that you got and kudos to you Toni that looks like quite the undertaking, and Ben the blue and white game looked more like white was winning than blue or green...

Jethro. I'm glad that you enjoy my writing and i hope i haven't lost who i am in my writing but I'm glad you can still see me for me. that makes me happy. and you are crazy with all your projects and getting things moving, it incredible.

Robyn i loved the picture of the kids. that's really cool that you let them do that, and I'm glad to hear that Lincoln still has his morals up but really, it's kind of weird to think that he's scared of chairs... how bad was his fall? well anyways keep up the good work and spring will be here in no time.

some where out there, there is a city....

the missionary crew. tally 4th and Spanish

the big old oak tree.

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