Monday, June 13, 2011

Thunder and Rain

Hello Everybody!
 Well here's the update of the week from the people in the south...
Monday night was an awesome thunderstorm that just went off for like 3 hours, not a drop of rain but tons of lightning.
So Monday and Tuesday we said goodbyes to everyone in the ward, at least all the people that made a big difference in Elder Banks life, and it was really neat to see the love that the ward members had for him. After all of that we got ready and sent Elder Banks off to see his trainer again, so he's been out for 2 transfers and is now on his 3rd so one with Bentley, one with me, and one back with Bentley. something that doesn't happen all that often... oh wait that happened to me.
 Elder Cluff is from Layton Utah and yes there is a "T" in Layton.  and he's been out for about 5 months now. the youngest of 4. so anyways,  Picked him up and then got him settled in Chipley and then started showing him around town and some of the members. and he's just getting in there and doing his thing, which is really cool to see him not have any fear with whats going on.This week has been hot, and dry it's really felt a lot like Utah where it's just miserable, except the sweat doesn't help. but finally on Sunday after church where one of the newest converts gave a talk on how he came to know what the true church is after 20+ years of searching. It was really cool. so some more information about this guy, he's gone to the bible college here in Florida for 3 years trying to find the right church and getting to know what the bible is really all about, and causing mischief the entire time he's been there. and then he decided to open up a homeless shelter for men in chipley and then after a year or so was shut down because it wasn't making any money for the churches around town. and his story goes on and on... a really cool guy and extremely humble and just wanting to do what is right. So after his wonderful talk we had dinner where they were there along with one of the bishopric, the Krisers. and brother Kriser sounds a lot like a baptist preacher and knows his scriptures and those two just went back and forth pretty much the entire night. and what was cool was when brother Kriser started talking about rain and the need for it, Bro. Lucky keep telling stories about how thing would just fall into place, and low and behold it started raining not 15 min after that little exchange of words. Lucky for a last name, must be something more to that.

So other than that our week was full of appointments that fell through and then biking about every other day around the little town of Chipley.

So it's been another interesting week, and while we are tracting we are also trying to get the ward members excited about a family mission plan, much like a ward mission plan. just letting them set their own goals of something that they would like to accomplish. and then some other things we are trying is doing fun activities, like a volleyball night and we are thinking of a game night at a members house. just different ways to help people to come unto Christ or invitations to come unto Christ. that's the other thing we are starting up. and we might even try a movie night at the church. we are trying to be creative because this way we are working now is repetitive and boring and everyone else has heard what we have said. but we keep moving forward.

Love you guys and feel free to send pictures, post cards, letters, anything to let me know your alive, but i know you all are, so keep up the good work. thanks for the post cards that were sent.

Love Elder Gillespie

Toniben WHAT Moving?  is this a joke? when, where, what, why, how? Toni you know there are a lot of things that are happening in your life that aren't boring, you just need to find the things that make life worth living.

Thad, your right 10:30 is awesome I'm getting really good at just having my head hit the pillow and then waking up 6 hours later, and I'm working on sleeping while standing, let me know of any tips.

Jethrobyn. I'm excited to see the photos of the big get together for grandma, and the painting you did Jethro.

Beetle what's it like in the grand staircase? what's going on? where did you go?

Janben. what's it like to finally have a vacation? Ben when do you start your work? how are the kids?

Love you all

Elder Gillespie

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