Monday, June 27, 2011

Watermelon Festival

Hello everybody

Life here is going pretty good and again I'll just say i haven't been drinking more water in my life than i am right now. so I'll have to make this kind of short but this week has been pretty cool we had days where the lord blessed us to make our goals and helped us find new investigators one of the people we are teaching now is an old lady who has terminal cancer and we helped clean up her yard and we were also able to give her a blessing and we both have a good feeling about this and now we are starting to get her to understand what we believe and then help her make a commitment to God. some of the other highlights that have happened this week, is zone conference which i'll be honest doesn't feel like it's been this week but last week, but we were able to talk about marriage and what we need to prepare for when we get off our mission, which i'll be honest is kind of a interesting thought, but it's the next progression in life. and the biggest thing i got out of it, is that first it's about friendship and then after that everything else will fall into place, we just have to be willing to make it part of our life.

Oh the biggest thing that this little town is all about is the watermelon festival it's probably bigger than Christmas, it's like the 4th of July in Provo, but just think of it as the a mini version of that where maybe a stake gets together for a celebration, that's about the size of this little town. and we have seen so many people that were actually friendly to us. i couldn't believe it.  but it's been a good week, and i've got to get going unfortunately


Elder Gillespie

Beetle that was a good update, you'll do fine just make a plan and stick to it.

Mom I love you and i'm doing my best to keep motivated. i've got a good companion for that.

Jan, it's ok, just let me know what is new that's going on. it may not seem like a lot is, but look for the small things, they make the biggest difference. 

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Jethro said...

Greatest opening line.