Friday, September 5, 2008

Weird Dream

so today or rather this morning i had one of the weirdest dreams i could have ever had, now i don't know anything about symbolism about this dream but here it goes.

it started out just like a normal day in provo, everything was fine it was a nice cool autumn morning when i heard the news that grampa spencer just had to go into the hospital for some unknown reason to. now with this it brought back a lot of memories of the day that he went in to the hospital for the last time. so i continued on my dream not saying anything to anyone just to see if it was that day, and unfortunately it was that same day. now this lead me to a big problem in my mind. should i tell everyone what will happen or should i let it play out just like it did in real life. so the day continues we end up in the hospital and everyone is debating on how things should be done. for some strange reason dad asks me what we should do and at that point i tell him what's going to happen and then for some strange reason everyone looks at me, like i'm some voodoo doctor. and so i tell them the bleak news of what's going to happen and they could either continue just like it happened in real life or we could pull the plug then and save time and maybe save someone else.

at about that time i hear the door shut outside my room and i look out the window to see Thad leave for school.

now that was just a really weird dream for me.
anyone else want share theirs



Aunt Soup said...

I have weird dreams similar to that. I am always relieved when I wake up!

Jan said...

Next time you should dream about a great day. One that you want to relive.

Just a suggestion.

Bus Gillespie said...

I had one of those when I was younger than you about my grandmother and when I woke I could really feel her presence. I think the veil gets kind of thin sometimes.

Kaiti said...

i had this one dream where i was with my brother and three of his friends. We drove up to this strange hill where this guy named Tom lived, for some reason i knew him and that he was a cannibal...i ran, but when i thought i got a way the dream seemed to pause and then start over kind of like a vantage point thing... this time i could think through strategy and outwit him...then it paused...etc. Very Creepy.