Tuesday, September 30, 2008


well seeing as how it's been about month since my last post I'll try to put up something interesting since then. ummm... what has happened.

well last Sunday i was finally ordained an elder after being 18 for 6 plus months. so that was cool.

umm.. i have been keeping up in my classes which include
math 1050 or also known as college algebra trig which i already took in high school
English 1010 or known as CP english which again i took in high school.
OSS 1400 or computer tech which i took again in high school
intermediate Frisbee which i'm surprisingly not the best one in that class
Connections which is already finished so that's done
Concert band which i really haven't signed up for nor will i sign up for in the future

so that's about it for me

CrZay UnClE Matt


JethRobyn said...

You forgot to add the part where you are taught by hippies!!

Jancisco said...

Matt! You are alive! And in college! That is so great. Who are your professors? Do you like the campus?

Bus Gillespie said...

I hope you are getting a deeper understanding of all those topics than you did in high school. But remember that book "All I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten"? That's pretty much the educational train, it tends to repeat and repeat but hopefully the student brain continues to evolve and grow so that when you hear the same thing a second time it has deeper meaning and your understanding grows.