Monday, December 21, 2009

No Snow but a Good Freeze

Hello Everybody
Sorry this is going to be short but My last letter that i wrote timed out on me, stupid computer. well things here got a bit chilly last night and we got our first freeze of the season, so if you think florida is sunny and nice and warm all the time, tough luck it ain't.

well things here are slow and people don't really want to listen to us, which is kind of not new.

well a couple of things i've learned is that missionary work isn't hard, it only becomes hard if you focus on other things in life, and spend more time on that then missionary work. what a weird concept...

anyways, christmas time is here and things are going to be good.

thanks for all those who keep me in their prayers i try to keep you in mine. also prayer is a very powerful tool if you think about it, you are talking to the most powerful thing in the universe and he wants you to talk to him, he wants to hear from you and he want to help you out in as many ways as he can. the tricky thing is finding out what he has in store for you and how to follow what he wants to you to do. so while you can't get everything you want you do get everything you need.

as for family i love you all and can't wait to talk to you on friday

as for friends

Uncle Boyd and Aunt Carol thanks for the package and I can't wait to open it on Christmas morning

Roxanna thanks for the package and i got transfer so your packages to my old companions will take a little while to get there. so thank you for your giving it made my day.

Camille you are an amazing person with amazing advice and i treasure up those words of wisdom you have given to many. thanks again for all you have done.

to all thanks for all that you have done if it wasn't for you i wouldn't be here right now. and i couldn't become the person i need to be. so to ya'll thanks.

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