Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ET phone home

So what's new since last week...

well the phone call was really good and for those who were not apart of it and everyone is doing fine. umm... Christmas was awesome and thanks for all of the packages and the updates and for all of the support.

As for the area we had a good Christmas with the members and they made us feel right at home. and they gave us all a lot of food, oh my gosh, so much food.

so not much missionary work has been going on out here, mostly because of the holidays and we really don't want to bother people to much about the gospel. so our focus is mostly with the members and trying to get them to invite their non-member friends to do activites with them and once they are comfortable with that then ask them if they would like to hear from us missionaries and teach them more in the members house. so they feel more comfortable and so it doesn't seem like it's to much of an aggressive step.

another thing that I've learned is that the gospel is simple, God wants us to come back to him and all we really need to do is to follow Christ's example, and that is simply choosing to look towards god and get rid of all the things that the natural man wants. so while it sounds a bit hard Christ has made it easier. to way i see it is that we are in a suit of rusty armor, one of those old suit that knights used to wear, well anyways the suit is attached to chains. now that we have that established, now picture yourself in a room/ hallway where one end is dark and black and the other end has a door with light coming in from the other room. so now your in the middle and when your coming to god your fighting your hardest to work your way from the darkness to the light, but the chains are pulling you back. so to get rid of the chains you need to take the armor away, or in my opinion things that are taking you away from God. once those things are away then you are able to easily move and then able to move, but if you don't take the armor off, you are then going to have a hard time moving forward, since the chains are connected to wentch which is slowly taking you back to the darkness. well anyways this is one of those visualizations that i have, and it makes sense, it's really hard to get to god if you are still attached to the world. so yeah that's what i've been thinking about lately

also we had a transfer inside a transfer today, some missionaries are going home to go to school, so being in a threesome one of us was shipped out, so the lucky contestant was Elder Louden. he is now in Enterprise LA (lower Alabama) which is an entire zone away so i don't think I'll see him for a while. so right now it's Elder Jensen and me and then the other people in our district is Elder Solomon and Hibbert and we're going to get along for the next three weeks till transfers.

With Love Elder Gillespie

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