Monday, December 14, 2009


I got the packages and i won't open them until christmas unless otherwise told to. as for my companions Elder Jensen most closely reminds me of Richard Wilson, with the same kind of wit and humor. and Elder Louden is most like Adam Swindlehurst, with the same kind of ups and downs with in a day, ex. Elder Louden has been waiting for a runners watch which he order about 8 days ago and everyday since that day once the mailman comes around he's waiting at the door waiting for the package, and if it didn't come then he would just get a little bit mad, then he would remind himself that he needs to calm down, and so he does, but you bring it up again then he gets mad again. so sometimes i have fun just getting him riled up and then watch himself calm back down. well anyways he's a great guy and really is looking forward to working which is good.

as for the investigator front, we really haven't had much success, it seems that all the missionaries can tract the entire town in about 6 months or less, so most of the people have already heard what we've said. other than that we have three other villages in our area, first is wausau (wa-saw) and that's about 11 miles down the road and people down there like to hand out anti stuff to us, so i really don't know what to do about all of it. but who cares the gospel is simple, love god, love your neighbor. when we can do that to all people then the world will be in a much better place.

now for lessons learned i guess...

umm... obedience, if you do what is right and do it at the right time you will feel better than, if you do what you think is right for you and on your time. sure you might think you feel like everything is right but there is a different kind of peace that you get when you it the right way. as the primary song says there is a wrong way and a right way to be happy. so i choose the right way to be happy. that is what i feel like right now is the biggest thing for me, if i'm obedient then i feel right and everything does end up right and we also have the right attitude and right perspective. so yeah that's what i've learned.

i'm so glad to hear that all is going well and that heavenly father is looking out for you. it's those small things in life that make life worth living, and for me personally it helps me focus on what the important things in life are.

You are right Eva does look like a little scamp. and she is so adorable. i could almost eat her right up. Congrats on the finishing of the Scrubs shifts, i hope you enjoyed it ben, you'll have to tell me more about it later. also i can't wait to hear all of the cute voices.

THAD!!! the Master of Science!!!
Congrats that is an accomplishment you can only do once. i guess you could say the same thing about everyday, you can only do it once. as for the advice you want, you are doing more than most people, just listen to what your coworker has to say you'll find something that connects to the gospel your very smart and you can find one.

I was getting nervous that you guys weren't going to send anything this week, and that would've made me really sad, but i luckily got it before i was kicked off the computer. it sounds like the Holiday Season is in full swing. now just don't get sick that make the holidays worse so don't take unnessisary risks.

sounds like your having so much success right now. i'm impressed. and i can't wait to hear your voice again, it's been like 7 months. Holy Cow! or in the south Dad-Gum! except fast. kind of a silent d at the end of dad. oh i'm excited.

well boy-howdy this Christmas is fixin to be the best Dad-gum event for ya'll, i recon.

see ya soon
Elder Gillespie

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