Monday, January 11, 2010

Freezing in Florida!?!

Greetings to all

So what's new in the life of Elder Gillespie? Just another week and i feel like i'm back at home... why you might ask well for the most part it hasn't been getting above 50 degrees for about 2-3 weeks and what's really interesting is that the "real" part of florida or what everyone thinks is florida is that they have gotten snow just the past week. now it hasn't snowed here in the pan-handle but i wish it would just so it would have a reason for it to be cold.

so mental picture look outside, now flash-forward to about end of February to beginning of march and how the trees are still all dead and the only thing that's green are the pine trees, and you can still see the dead leaves on the ground from last year, well now you know what florida looks like. Now what does florida feel like well it's kind of like walking into a walk in refrigerator but the sun is out occasionally, but dosen't do any good to warm you up.

and here's the punch line, so while that isn't bad for me who is wearing a sweater, yes i know i'm wearing a sweater but i look good in a sweater i'll send photos to prove it. so it's not terrible but going into a members house they will have the heater going full blast the entire time, mostly because they don't really have insulation in their houses. well any ways you walk into the houses and it's like it 75 80 degrees inside and they are still bundled up in hoodies and snuggies, yes people do use snuggies, and they are watching there TV with either cable or satilight, so it's interesting to see that no matter where you go everybody is the same.

So now on to the more important part of the messages. what did i learn this week, well first of all I'm not incharge and it's hard for me to accept that but one thing that i'm going to have to continue to learn, and from this learning experience bring the joy of happiness for some strange reason. maybe it's the fact that i'm trying to do what god wants me to do rather than what I want to do so that's why i think i'm happy.

another lesson is that the gospel isn't really based on logic alone or emotion, you need to have both, for example when reading the book of mormon you could say that it could never happen because there isn't enough ruins to prove it, but the emotional side of yourself says that it must be true because it makes you feel good. but you need both so in moroni it says to study it out in your heart and mind, and then pray with real intent to know if these things are right, and god will answer you with the holy ghost. but the holy ghost doesn't answer your question by talking to you face to face, but he does it through your emotions, while it's hard to explain the best way to describe it for me is a sense of lightness both pulling me up and making things brighter.

right so just to let you guys know i'm doing much better and i'm feeling like a healthy ox ready to go, or a race horse, or a racecar, or a rocket. anyways you get the picture.

finally the thing that has really stuck out to me the last couple of days is that god does answer our prayers and he does really care about us as individuals, and he really does want us to come closer to him and the only way to do that is first faith in Jesus Christ, second Repentance, third baptism, fourth laying on of hands for the gift of the holy ghost and Fifth Enduring to the End. and I'm so Grateful for God and letting me "discover" these principals for myself and for the opportunity to share it with other who are searching for the truth.

so with that being said my last words for the week are those of the prophet and with that being said the lord "stand ye in holy places" if you do that than you will be in a better place then standing in the world.

Jethro I'm so glad to hear from you and your wall is pretty dang cool please continue to write i love hearing your view point.

Roybn your amazing plain and simple. and you do deserve a little nap but i don't think your kids will allow that

Jan I'm so sad to hear about your adventures with trains and potties.

Ben F. don't get too frustrated, but you probably aren't

Ben G. You use a lot of big words and for the most part i Don't understand but i'm glad your doing well and i hope my brain can start working soon

Thad Yes I'll try to take as many pictures as possible

Beetle I miss you and i hope your doing well.

to all others thank you for your prayers and i would love to hear more about what's going on in your life.

With much love
Elder Gillespie

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