Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Transfer #2

Hello everybody

Today is a day later than normal mostly because we don't take holidays off, because that's when everybody else is off from work. so today was a great day to hear from all of you. and i hope that what i'll say can make your day too.

well this week was Zone Conference and it was really good and i enjoyed it thoroughly some of the things i learned is that you are responsible for your own salvation and you can't let others pull you down into the world.

second is that having the spirit is the MOST important thing ever, if you don't have the spirit than you won't be able to feel gods love, or as i describe it, it's like being in a hot tub. warm, encompassing, light, and happy.

third is that if you aren't following the commandments and being obedient than as soon as somebody calls you out on it you will not feel happy and the most likely will become angry with those who gave you criticism.

forth if you want to change then make the first step towards changing and after that the lord will help you finish what you want to do.

so these are just a couple of things that i've learned which all lead back into the principal of repentance. once you do change then you will feel the spirit and become happier, but it also will take sometime to get there.

well people are getting transfered around but i'll still be with elder jensen in
chipley florida 32428
hoyt str. apt #8

so i love you all and now i have to leave.

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