Monday, February 1, 2010

French Toast First Try


So Today was the first trial of making french toast for me to which i might say that i'm a pretty good chef, now they were nothing compared to my mothers but i think i could surive on what i made.

ok now this last week what have i learned

First I LOVE thunder storms, utah ain't got nothing on the ones down here. last friday we had a decent size storm come through but it didn't start getting good until the lightning came down. and it lasted almost all night, during the night you would wake up to seeing a light flash across the window that would light up the entire room even with the blinds down. SO COOL!!! not to mention the rumblings oohhhh!!! how I love lightning and thunder!

Second you can study the gospel all you want but it's not until you start living it or practicing it with other then you can see how Heavenly Father wants us to live for example in Mosiah 18: 8-10 you learn about the covent of baptism but you can do a lot from learning it but until you try it out then it becomes personal and then everyone benefits EX. Alma 1:26-31. so for another example putting into our own day and age you can study all you want about how a car works and how then engine goes etc.. but until you start making one then you find out why every little piece has it's purpose.

Third Stake Conference is amazing especially when you get a televised confence from salt lake and get to hear from a 70 an auxiliary and a 12 and a first presidency, oh it was so good. and i got out of it that we need to keep the commandments, listen to a prophet, and look after our family members, and that we have the power to act not to be acted upon which makes us better then every other thing in the universe.

well i love you all with much love and Jesus and Heavenly Father do to much much more than i do. may you have peace and rest.

Elder Gillespie

Beetle way to kill all them spiders they are not so cool, also i'm not looking forward to the heat here and we have the same thing with everyone having a pool and i mean everyone.

Janbentoni way to funny and.... funny. i miss you. that brought back so many memories thanks again for that.

Ben way to go on the adventures. it sounds like your up for the challenge of the prestation, my words of advice are talk loud, but you'll probably have a mic so just talk with confidence and slow down so people can hear your words.

Dad your letters were greatly appreciated, and you sound like jumped right into scouts, and i wish i could do that more with missionary work.

Mom I love you! you are always the one to keep me on track so thanks again your words of advice are always welcome so keep sending them.

Thad Where did you go?

Harrison ditto to thad and i want to know what's up in your life.

thank you all and Clark Happy Birthday

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