Monday, February 22, 2010

Glad containers are the Poor Man's Pyrex

Yes everybody Glad containers are the best bowls and the best for mixing items together ex. pancakes, tuna fish, waffle mix, and cereal bowls or basically the poor man's version of Pyrex. isn't it amazing the things you learn out in the field... there will be more updates on other household items that can be used for other things.
ok now for some real stuff i suppose...
this week i've learned that if you want something done and it dosen't seem to get done well then get it done yourself, don't let others take control of your life to tell you what you can or cannot do. but keep in mind that you should always Council with the Lord. (alma 37 36-37) or pray in faith that you will do the things which you and the Heavenly Father wants you to do, to ask and then to do. to seek guidance and then go and do. this is better explained by Elder Bednar in a conference talk about 2007 it's SOOO goood....
umm... other things that have happened... well we had a lesson this week with a baptist preacher who wanted to tell us missionaries what the scriptures say, so here's the story. we shop at walmart and one day one of the workers told us of his dad who wanted to talk to us about religion, so we found out where he lives and then delegated that to the proper missionaries in the area. so after a while and another visit to the walmart. the worker told us that the the other missionaries didn't show up so they set the time for us to show up, now this was very exciting so we brought the missionaries who live in bonifay over to this place, once we got there then the missionaries who were supposed to work over there showed up, so we had 6 missionaries with 2 "gators" who really weren't, so the night went on and the preacher was basically just pulling stuff out of the anti web sites to try to prove that we were wrong and that he was right so eventually after two hours of him telling us what the scriptures mean we just stated that we have a curfew and we can't stay long to try to teach and then they invited us back over to which the proper missionaries then took over and set up a time with them, so all in all a very interesting and fun time. which is why i'm so glad we have so extra scriptures because the bible is kind of boring and confusing.
umm... other than that we didn't have any deaths this weeks or weddings, or anything really exciting but we do have a few people moving out this next week to which we are helping move, which brings me to another point don't be mean to each other. that's just not nice and it just causes more problems then it would solve. and if you have some guff with someone do it as the lord would, and if you don't know how to do it then read the scriptures until you find your answer.
Hey i just remembered that we have an investigator, who just gave up smoking which is so great to hear and not smell. she has been looking into this church for about the last 2 years so hopefully she'll come around. i'm not giving up hope. because that's all we got
as for the weather, (yes i know that's supposed to come first) it's amazing it feel like it's spring cleaning time back home, which is what i did in our apartment i totally cleaned all the little corners and even tried to polish the faucet to the shower. so yes i am a bit nuts when it comes to cleaning but i think that's a good thing. also we had another amazing thunderstorm this morning it was definitely weird to wake up to flashing lights and notice that it's only lightning. which is so cool!!!
Transfers are next week so i'll tell you the news.
Love you all with my heart and soul.
Elder Gillespie
Toniben i'm glad you enjoyed the letter and the birthday party and good luck with the school and job ben i know you can do it!
Mom I love you and i'm supposed to tell you that you have raised a very nice and caring son. complements of Sister Anderson
Dad Keep on, keepin on.
Thad Your word of advice are key and very thought provoking and you can do anything you set you mind to! this i know and you know for sure. i hope your withdraws from the mission are soon put back into remission.
Jethroyblincophia, Jethro i'm glad you are not hurt from you car wreck, but i'm sorry for the back being thrown out, you should of caught it. robyn quit being so worried about the little things, hair will always grow back out and you could always just buzz it off anyways, start back to square one. lincoln don't you fret little buddy. sophia don't be a vampire, they get killed by angry mobs or warewolfs or so i've heard.
Camille, i love getting your letters they brighten my day and your insights are always welcome. infact i insist.
and to everyone else i would love to hear from you so don't be afraid to write, and if you can't afford a stamp then send an email, and in the mean time look on the ground for some spare change to get a stamp.
Elder Gillespie

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