Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ok, so, just so you know Yes is Can Snow in Florida, weird I know but still amazing, in fact it snowed for the first time in 17+ years in Chipley, and i was a part of it, which make me appreciate even more of the falling of snow, how peaceful it is, how quiet it falls how clean it is and how wonderful it can be, now to make it better lets add in some Lightning and thunder and also have about 6 to 9 inches already on the ground, now that would be awesome. but other than that life here has been kind of the same as a missionary, just going around trying to share the gospel with others, and helping out people in the community. and a host of other things,
So an Update of the week i suppose....
nothing really happened until Thursday when we had Zone Conference, and it was amazing, it's really awe inspiring to be in the room with somebody who is basically like an area 70 and knows you on a personal level. and gives you guidance like a patriarch during a patriarchal blessing and the list goes on and on. and the lesson that I've learned from that is that if you are prepared both spiritually and mentally then the guidance he gives, doesn't really sound all that far fetched and mostly comes as a reassurance to what you are doing, which is what happened to me this last time. and the talk that sums up his advice is found in Elder Wirthlin's last talk, Come what may and Love it. this talk is soon becoming one of my most favorite talks of all time.
Well this week was a great week and i can't believe that it's been 4 months and most of the major holidays i've already had in the mission field so it's only one more time through them, but that's not the point, i'm really loving it here and while it's been really hard and has stretched me to my limits and then stretches me again it is still the best thing i've done in my life. so thank you all who have helped me get to this point in my life, i wouldn't be here without you.
Elder Gillespie
Janben WHAT!?! Congrats! that is all
Ben Gains you are amazing and you shouldn't worry to much about your job and your doing and amazing thing so far so don't sweat about the job you'll get it or else something else will pop up. and your almost done with school!!! hooray
Mom you sound like a busy bee right now keep it up
Dad you should tell me about the garage and such
Thad you need to find something productive like 8 hours of scripture study ( just kidding) but then again? i don't know you'll find something productive to do.
Happy Birthday to Jan Francisco and to Anna Gains

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