Monday, March 22, 2010

Faulkner's got my back

Hello Everybody

This week has been NUTS!!! first of all we had an amazing Zone Conference where I Learned that right now is the time to be a man of action. that while we might rely on others we need to build a foundation for our self.

another thing that i've learned this week is that the gospel is easy and we as humans want to make it more complex. it's simply
Faith in Jesus Christ
Second Repentance
Third Baptism
Fourth Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost
Fifth Enduring to the End

and when we learn these simple things and act upon them then God is promised to bless us. and while we might think that we don't get enough of those blessings we need to just stop and think about what great things we have in life and all of that comes from God.

and the other thing i've learned this week is that we all have to take a step of faith, that we need to walk into the dark and God will help us in our endeavor to do what he wants for us to do.

so these are the things that i've learned this past week and more importantly since Elder Wood came back from utah from his operation. he is an amazing person and has definitely showed me how to be a better missionary.

one of the other things i've learned is that Scripture study really does make a difference in a day, and it comes down to having the spirit with us at all times which we want to have and have the opportunity to do.

Thanks to all those who sent me Birthday Greetings it really does make a missionary's day.

well sorry this is kind of a short letter I've got a couple of things running through my head and hopefully will be able to write them out when the time comes.

Here i know that God Does answer questions and usually that's through other people and not necessarily the words that they use but what the spirit shows to them, and all that God wants for us in simple terms is to be better in the evening then in the morning and to be ourselves. That's all he asks as we try to be like Jesus he will then help us all along the journey.

I love all of you and want the best for you. and can you believe that General Conference is just around the corner.

this Email is dedicated to William Faulkner.

Love Elder Gillespie

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hosander said...

That's ironic, because this time Matt actually had concise sentences, kind of opposite of Mr. Faulkner.