Monday, March 8, 2010

Definitely Spring Time

This has been pretty much a blessed week not only am i serving with one of my old companions but i'm also serving with a companion who has been companions with my companion so we are getting together just fine, and not only that but we are actually teaching! which has definitely been a new experience for me, but which i'm so glad to have. but it is so much improved.

The reason I'm back here is because Elder Wood is going to have an operation in SLC and won't be here for about 10 days so please keep him in your prayers and so Elder Perkins and I are going to be in charge till he gets back after that i'll probably get moved somewhere again at transfers, my guess is it's going to be back in Chipley but i'm not sure yet. Anyways It's been amazing so far.

so now for some news about teaching we have one investigator who is on fire, she is just picking up the principals and learning the concepts so fast and is definitely been prepared for us to teach. while i've only meet her twice since i got here on weds. she is going to go far, but like always there is something that she needs help with and needs to talk to Heavenly Father, about what to do. she has three little girls and all are adorable. and the mothers name is Rosa. She is just plain and simply amazing.

Another investigator is Matt when i first got here he was very interested and then disappeared then this Sunday he came back for the first time in 3 months which was a miracle and he is ready to make a big step on faith. he wants to learn more and is now here for the right reasons. He is going to do great things in my opinion. i can just see it.

So from these experiences what i've found is that people in general will eventually have to take steps of faith and that is what God wants for us to do. but the great thing about having to make these steps is that he is willing to help us make those choices we only have to look at our options find out what we think is the best idea and then go to Him and wait for an answer, and if we don't get an answer then i guess it's what would be the best for the family or individual. but the overall theme is that he will make sure that you get the right answer, we just have to be open about what it might be. but now i feel like i'm walking on to thin ice right now. So the moral of the story is that God loves us and wants for us to have the most joy possible overall, not always is joy going to happen right when we make the right choice but it will eventually pay for itself many times over.

the other spiritual note that i've had this week is the fact that all people no matter what their ages are, are always looking for a sense of comfort, weather that's from a friend, family member, complete stranger. people want to have a sense of belonging which i think overall comes from god and is shown through other people. so i commit all of you who are reading this to go out of your way to make someones day, whether that's a simple hello or a good embrace. i know that if you do, do it. you will feel happier because you were able to help someone else and in return help yourself.

that's about all I've got to say today besides thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes and for you prayers and support.

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Thaddeus said...

Matt's birthday is today. He is twenty.